This Unexpected Design Choice Really Takes The Indoor Jungle Theme to a Whole New Level

published Jun 1, 2022
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Credit: @doro_juni

If you like houseplants (and I mean, like, really like houseplants) then Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow design style may be right up your alley. Plants, both real and faux, are fun to decorate with because you can put them anywhere they’ll thrive. But have you ever thought about putting plants on your staircase? That’s exactly what this Germany-based couple did, and it might be the most unique installation of real and faux plants that I’ve ever seen.

Doro and her husband, Jürgen, live in a 1400-square-foot home in Stuttgart, Germany, and the whole home has total funky, indoor jungle vibes, thanks to plenty of plant babies and a quirky orange and lime green color scheme. This couple has owned their 1960s-era home for about 16 years, and they’ve always known the direction they wanted to take with their decor. “Growing up in the 1970s sparked a love of the colors and patterns of that era, and it’s still my biggest inspiration,” Doro says. “Over the years, my style has changed and evolved, but I’ve created my own little space-age world with many house plants!” This house definitely delivers on the greenery galore promise; plants are on the walls, the ceilings, and — yep, you guessed it! — even the floors, staircase included!

While the couple’s biggest indulgence when renovating and redesigning their home was having all the original windows and floors replaced, the plants all over the place situation probably marks the most unique design choice in their home. “There’s a spiral staircase leading down into the basement, and I filled it completely with houseplants!” Doro says of her home’s most striking feature, which you can see below, in all of its green glory.

Credit: @doro_juni

To achieve this look, Doro painted the treads of her stairs a bright shade of green and left the risers white for contrast. She then added what appears to be a faux grass, turf-like carpeting for a fool-the-eye, grassy texture on the steps. Where wood balusters would typically be, Doro used faux green fronts to create a lush, leafy fringe that defines the staircase. She then used the base of the staircase (and the lower risers) to display a few of her favorite potted plants. Some people might think faux greenery on stair steps isn’t a practical design choice, but as a plant lover myself, this feature’s decor was just too fun and unique to overlook. But some people even opt to grow their own grass indoors.

Doro’s home is definitely one-of-a-kind, and every room is cooler than the next. Her biggest piece of design advice is to surround yourself with the things and colors you love and that bring you joy. Clearly, that’s plants and retro orange accents for her, and it’s up to you to find out what kind of decor speaks to you. Maybe it’s even an indoor jungle inspired staircase!