Why a $4 Plastic Razor Blade Is My New Favorite Cleaning Tool

published Dec 19, 2023
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Credit: Lula Poggi

My favorite thing about discovering a new cleaning tool is finding out all the ways I can use it, beyond what I originally bought it for. This is what happened when I purchased my newest, treasured cleaning find: a $4 plastic razor blade.

When we moved into our new home, we decided to redo the kitchen and chose an induction cooktop for the space. I knew I wanted a glass cooktop, as I had an electric one for years and appreciated that I never had to clean stove grates. So we went with the induction — and I absolutely love it. It heats up super fast and boils water at lightning speed.

Although I don’t have to clean oven grates, cleaning a glass cooktop still requires care. There are the usual preventative tips, like cleaning spills quickly after they happen and avoiding permanent damage by making sure not to scratch the surface. You also have to be mindful of what cleaning products you use. Windex, or any ammonia-containing product, can etch the surface of the glass cooktop and void your warranty. 

I’m determined to stay on top of maintenance for our new kitchen appliances, and proper cleaning is a huge part of that. As I read the manual for the induction range, I came across a recommendation for a plastic razor blade to scrape off the most stubborn messes without scratching the surface, which could happen with a traditional razor blade. I immediately ordered this popular, inexpensive pick from Amazon. 

The plastic razor blade is not to be confused with a plastic scraper, the kind of tool we love to use on our pots and pans with burnt-on messes. Instead, the plastic razor blade has a much finer and sharper edge, just like a regular razor blade, but plastic. The tool has the blade in a case that makes it easy to hold and use for scraping. When the blade gets dull, you can replace it. 

The plastic razor blade has been great for cleaning messes from the stovetop without fear of scratching our brand-new appliance, but I’ve also reached for it for other things. With hot water, I’ve used it to scrape label residue from the bottoms of newly purchased plastic storage containers. I’ve also used it to get rid of greasy, burnt-on residue from casserole dishes. Additionally, I recently painted the frames of our back patio doors, and the plastic razor blade was great at removing errant paint from the glass.

I love my new kitchen tool because it works so well without the risk of damaging glass or other surfaces, and because it’s much safer to have around than an actual razor blade. It’s become a valuable and permanent option in my cleaning arsenal.

Buy: Double Edged Plastic Razor Blade Scrapers Knife with Contoured Grip, $3.99 (normally $4.99)