These Are the Most Popular “Cheesy” Romance Movies in Each State

published Oct 18, 2021
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Credit: Kath Nash

Checking out a new critically-acclaimed film is great, but sometimes, it just feels so nice to settle in and watch your favorite “bad” romance flick. Whether it’s the movie that gives you a much-needed good cry or one that provides a hefty dose of nostalgia and helps tune out the rest of the world for two hours, the jewelry pros at Shane Co. were curious to find out which of the “worst” romance movies remain the most beloved among Americans.

They began by compiling a list of more than 60 poorly rated (6.1 stars and below) romance movies from IMDb. They then used Google Trends search data to determine which of these bad romance movies Americans searched for the most in 2020 — a year when plenty of people spent a fair amount of time at home watching movies. They analyzed the results to determine which bad romance movie is the most popular in every U.S. state, crowning the 2011 romantic comedy “Something Borrowed” as the most popular movie in the country, with the Kate Hudson film taking the top spot in nine states overall.

Credit: Shane Co.

Other popular picks include 2009’s “Couples Retreat,” which was the top-searched movie in four states, followed by 2000’s “Coyote Ugly” and 1999’s “Drive Me Crazy,” which are the most popular picks in three states each. The 2006 film “John Tucker Must Die” and 2002’s “Two Weeks Notice” took top honors in two states each.

Some of the most-searched movies in each state are perfectly fitting — “Sweet Home Alabama” is the most beloved in Alabama, “What Happens in Vegas” naturally reigns supreme in Nevada, and “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!” is most popular in West Virginia, where the film takes place and where much of it was filmed. “Couples Retreat,” which takes place at a tropical island resort, nabbed the top spot in Hawaii.

Turns out that when it comes to matters of the heart, people don’t particularly care about what critics have to say. “Couples Retreat” and “Coyote Ugly” were some of the worst-rated out of America’s top-searched movies with Metascores of 23 and 27 out of 100, respectively.

Of course, sometimes you simply need to relax and enjoy a romance movie or two, even if your favorite has an undeniable cheese factor. No judgments here — just make sure you’ve got your go-to snacks, cozy couch attire, and perhaps a tissue or two on hand in case the plot turns suddenly sappy.