This Tropical Plant Is This Summer’s Gardening Must-Have, According to Experts

published Mar 1, 2022
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Comfortable lounge chair in a small private garden.
Credit: HannamariaH | Getty Images

If you’re looking to add some new life to your plant collection, whether indoors or outdoors, here’s an option that’s only gaining in popularity.

According to experts, this summer’s most popular houseplant will be the bird of paradise, a tropical plant with unique flowers that could easily be mistaken for, as the name implies, a bird.

Credit: Minette Hand

It’s not difficult to see why demand for this houseplant has picked up. “We’re seeing more and more people opt for what we call ‘architectural’ pieces—showstopping tropical plants that are conversation starters and really finish off a room,” Maddie Porritt of The Stem flower service, told GardeningEtc.

U.K.-based The Greenhouse People also explained that the plant has that cluttered feel, which makes it perfect for another hot trend: maximalism. The group explained, “Maximalism has seen a steep rise in popularity, with many embracing the motto “more is more” over the past year.”

If you’re planning to get a bird of paradise, a few things to remember: You have to keep it under bright, indirect sunlight, and water every one to two weeks. Since it’s a tropical species, it prefers humid places and doesn’t like the cold. For soil, choose one that’s rich and well-draining but still retains some moisture. And most importantly, if you want your bird of paradise to flower, place it outdoors (since it rarely blooms indoors).