These Are the Most Popular Kitchen Appliances in 2022

published Jun 25, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

The kitchen is the heart of the home and for keen cooks like myself, there’s a huge joy in purchasing a new kitchen appliance (which I also like to think is adulting at its finest.)

While some items have been a sure staple in kitchens for centuries, there are the newer kids on the block that have risen in popularity over recent years, having never graced a kitchen countertop before the early aughts.

In a new study, Magnet Kitchens analyzed Google search data to reveal the most-sought after kitchen gadgets and appliances right now, and the results are somewhat unsurprising.

Air fryers take the number one spot, receiving 3,350,000 monthly Google searches on average. Thanks to social media, the healthy alternative to traditional fried foods has seen a dramatic increase since the start of the pandemic. Air Fryer Guy shares recipes and hacks with his 1.7 million followers, while an Amazon UK glitch in summer 2021 sent Twitter users into a frenzy when an air fryer became available for just £3.99 (around $5)—which I myself can confirm was too good to be true as thousands of orders, along with my own, were swiftly canceled by the company.

Plus with the release of Drew Barrymore’s best-selling sage green air fryer from her Beautiful Kitchenware range, the popularity of these wonderful appliances keeps on rising. Who would’ve thought that air fryers were only invented in 2005?

In second place are coffee machines, with 823,000 monthly searches. Gone are the days of instant coffee with more and more coffee fans turning to barista-style coffee at home. A delicious investment.

Third place goes to ice makers, with 246,000 monthly searches. From counter-top styles to built-in fridge models, there’s a range of appliances available. According to Magnet Kitchens, most people are opting for the later, with “fridges with ice makers” surging by 200 percent over the last year. Also in joint third are slow cookers with 246,000 searches. Ideal for cooking up hearty meals with ease, a slow cooker is a great family kitchen staple.

Finally, rounding out the top five are wine fridges, receiving 110,000 searches per month.