Attention, Fur Parents: These Are the Most Popular Pet Names of 2020

updated Dec 27, 2020
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By now, you’ve likely read just about every year-end trend report on the internet. Yes, the top home decor trends of 2020 is a must-read, as are the top TV shows, films, and songs that informed the year. However, the most important end of year trend report is here—and that’s the most popular pet names of 2020, obviously. With the many reports that pet adoptions have skyrocketed amid the coronavirus pandemic, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance’s data feels all the more relevant during a particularly strange year. So, which pet names came out on top in 2020?

Healthy Paws gathered pet names from newly-enrolled dog and cat parents looking for veterinary services this year. Charlie came out as the top male dog name of 2020, while Luna came out as the top female dog name. On the cat front, Leo came out as the top male cat name of 2020, while Luna (again) came out as the top female cat name. Other top male contenders included Max, Milo, and Winston, while Bella, Penny, and Sadie rounded out the list of female dog names. 

On the cat front, Simba and Loki were also top contenders for male cat names, revealing an affinity for Disney and Marvel characters. Bella, Nala, and Willow were top contenders for female cat names. Check out the full top 10 ranking of popular dog and cat names below.

Credit: Oksana Shufrych/Shutterstock

Top dog names (male and female):

1. Charlie and Luna 

2. Milo and Bella 

3. Cooper and Daisy

4. Max and Lucy

5. Teddy and Lola

6. Leo and Coco

7. Oliver and Penny

8. Rocky and Bailey

9. Buddy and Stella

10. Winston and Sadie

Top cat names (male and female):

1. Leo and Luna 

2. Oliver and Bella

3. Milo and Lucy

4. Simba and Nala

5. Loki and Lily

6. Max and Mia

7. Charlie and Willow

8. Jasper and Chloe

9. Jack and Cleo

10. Oreo and Olive