This Wireless Wall Sconce Is Going Viral for Being a Real-Life Magic Wand

published Feb 26, 2023
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fireplace with green wall and gold sconces hanging above

Wireless wall sconces are nothing new, but one TikToker found a wireless wall sconce that is raising eyebrows on the video app. Not only is it a sconce, but it’s also a motion-sensor night light,  magic wand-like flashlight that you can take anywhere with you, and finally, a beautiful piece of home decor.

“This light requires no wiring, and magnetizes to the base,” TikToker @everythingenvy said in their February video. “It has a smart sensor mode and can be easily taken off the wall for an on-the-go light source. This can be used in any area of your home. You just plug it in to recharge.”

The post had people commenting things like, “Aww it’s a baby lightsaber for the younglings!” It really does look kind of magical!

The sconce is the Chilvane Motion Sensor Light from Amazon. It comes in two different wood finishes and can detect human motion up to 13 feet away when switched to the auto sensor mode. 

The base can stick anywhere and everywhere, making it a great addition to dark closets and cabinets — if you need to get a closer look at something, just remove the wand and bring the light where you want it.

And the light can last up to three to five months on a single charge on sensor mode, or up to eight hours when left on constant light mode.

Each sconce goes for just under $25 and will definitely make you feel like you have the magic touch every time it flicks on and you take it off the base. Lumos!