This Prefab Cabin Is Like Three Houses In One

updated Jan 2, 2021
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Credit: Cabin ANNA

The ANNA cabin combines everything you love about camping under the stars, and the ability to enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness from your own cozy cabin. It consists of an outer shell made of wood and an inner shell made of glass that slide apart, depending on your mood. 

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Credit: Cabin ANNA

The unique design of this cabin gives you three different configurations to choose from for ultimate flexibility. You can do closed shell, for when you want the full cozy cabin experience. Then there’s fully open, for an uncovered, open-air hangout much like a patio or deck. Lastly, you can do open with the glass shell, for an enclosed, panoramic view of the scenery.

Credit: Cabin ANNA

In the ANNA cabin, you can actually wake up and fall asleep to an unobstructed view of the sky–but protected from the elements, curled up under the blankets in your warm and cozy bed. The walls are insulated with 5 centimeters of sawdust (about 2 inches), but if you’re planning to use it as a winter retreat, you’ll want to install electric heating, which ANNA is prepped and ready for.

Credit: Cabin ANNA

The cabin’s birchwood interior is makes it feel extra spacious and modern, so it would work well as a guesthouse, part-time retreat, or even full-time microdwelling. It’s big enough for two king-sized beds–one on the main level and the other in the lofted area. It’s also fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom–and there’s even a little extra storage space since ANNA is built to house a family of four.

Credit: Cabin ANNA

Even without the cool sliding mechanism, this cabin already has a lot to offer its residents compared to many pricey apartments in the major cities. ANNA comes with a price tag of EUR 87,000 (about $105,562) and is available in three different models. You can find out more about each one and pick the best one for your best life here.