3 Things a Pro Organizer Bought at Walmart for $50 That Can Be Used in Any Room

published Jan 10, 2024
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As a professional organizer, I often see people buy the wrong supplies to get organized. In most cases, someone brings home or orders an organizing product because it seems like it’ll corral their stuff, was on sale, or just looked cute. Inevitably, though, those bins, baskets, and “As Seen on TV” impulse buys become dust-collecting clutter in and of themselves. It kind of feels like a canon event — but one I’d like to try to intervene on.

The fix to this is simply shopping with more intention. An organizing product should be versatile enough to have multiple uses and flexibility to fit in a few different areas. This is especially important if you’re a renter and frequent mover like me. Being able to transition products from space to space, or around the house as your needs or habits change, saves you from the aforementioned unnecessary clutter, plus time and money.

The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find good organizing products. I shopped at Walmart with just $50, and found items that are high-quality (another important factor) and amazingly adaptable. Check the products out below, along with ideas of what you can organize using them. The cost came out to be a little over budget, $2.66 to be exact, but they are worth it.

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The Home Edit’s line of organizing products has been around for a few years now and I’ve personally used many, so I can attest to their durability. These narrow bins are perfect for smaller spaces, such as inside kitchen cabinets, the linen closet, and playroom cubbies, or under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Use them to contain grab-and-go snacks, the kids' dinnerware, dishwasher pods (safely out of kids' reach), first aid or mani-pedi supplies, action figures, crafts, and so much more. Because they’re clear, you can easily spot what’s inside and the handles make it effortless to retrieve and return them to high shelves. Plus, they’re stackable so you can maximize the height of any area you place them.

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Another clear option, this glass jar has been with me for the last five moves I’ve made and has served almost as many purposes. Currently, it sits on a bathroom shelf and holds travel toiletries (like hotel-sized bars of soap, new toothbrushes, and individually packaged makeup remover wipes) for guests to help themselves to when they visit. Other organization ideas include bath bombs or salts, coffee grounds or pods, dryer sheets or balls, a holiday or greeting card collector, a fabric scrap or yarn holder (if you’re currently in your sewing or crocheting hobby phase), and, you guessed it, so much more. The storage possibilities are endless with a product like this, and at under $6, it gives a big bang for your buck.

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I’ve tried dozens of drawer organizers and nothing quite compares to these bamboo ones. While trays with built-in compartments don’t require playing a game of Tetris to finagle, they also don’t offer as much wiggle room as individual inserts. I have this exact set and stack the two largest organizers in a deep bathroom drawer, using them to sort feminine products. The three smaller organizers separate pens, medicine, and a handful of skincare products within my nightstand. You can also use them for office supplies in your desk drawer, miscellaneous items in your junk drawer, or small cooking tools in your kitchen drawers. The sky's the limit when it comes to any of these organizing items with a little of your own creativity (and things) mixed in.