Put To The Test: Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner

Put To The Test: Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 15, 2009

We're big fans of using white vinegar for cleaning most things, but still have a passion for putting new products to the test, especially with cleaners that claim to "do it all."

We put Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner through the ringer and then some this past weekend, our results are after the jump!

Pledge Multi Surface cleaner claims to tackle most everything (except porous stone and unsealed wood). So to truly test its cleaning power, we tried it out on glass, wood, wood laminate, stainless steel, mirror, electronics and plastic.

We greatly enjoyed the shape of the container (yes, we're easily amused, but that's not the point) as we didn't encounter any drips from the trigger like a standard spray bottle and it was easy to control the spray to put it only where we needed it. It did a fairly decent job, but isn't food safe (not by our standards anyway), but we might just keep a bottle around the house, just in case. Here's the results of each individual test we put it though...


Glass & Mirror:
We live on the ground level in our building and our windows get dirty quick! We'd been putting off the task of giving them a good washing, so we thought this would be a great time to test it out! It worked out great, although we did have to double up on the wiping clean side of things as it did streak slightly. We used the suggested method of using a rag or cloth, we think a microfiber towel would have make things a little easier (we had the same results with mirror as well).

Wood & Wood Laminiate:
It cleaned wood like a champ, removed all fingerprints, dirt and grime. It didn't leave it with a high gloss shine like a traditional furniture polish did, but clean and kinda shiny is ok by us. We must must out some real polish when the Grandparents come over though.

We used it on several different items made from vinyl and hard plastic alike with decent results. If you have an extra dirty surface, a wet rag prior to cleaning might help get extra gunk off. The cleaner did good at light stains and smears, but muddy dog prints we're slightly more difficult for it to physically remove without smearing around.

Stainless Steel
We have all stainless steel appliances and although we thought they were super pretty to look at, fingerprints have been a nightmare to remove. It's a daily process and a rather annoying one at that. Traditional cleaners streak and ones made especially for the task are usually only meant to clean just that, so we can't use them on other things. It did a perfect job on all of our appliances, even the flour that spilled on the lip of the dishwasher from a recent baking adventure and the sticky fingerprints from the handle of the stove. Because it cleans our appliances so well, it's worth keeping in our house for other small jobs that we might need it to tackle at the same time.

We tested out the cleaning powers on our monitors, keyboards and home theater components. The major bonus to this product is it's ability to go only where you want it. So if you spray it in just one small area, that's the only place it goes... not all over everything. It made us feel a little safer about spraying the product directly onto our electronics without the fear we would harm inner circuit boards or other parts. It cleaned off the traditional fingerprints, dust, dirt and accumulated "how on earth did my keys get so dirty-grime" on our keyboards. Maybe we'll get to cleaning our electronics sooner, if we clean them when we clean our appliances (see above) we won't have to dirty a second rag or take any extra time!

Have you given it a try? Let us know your results below!

(Image: Pledge)

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