Did You Know You Can Use a Tablet Stylus With the Apple MacBook?

updated May 27, 2023
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The Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro laptops are both known for their best in class touch pad. Accurate and smooth to the touch, nothing really compares. Love your Macbook touch pad? Find even more reasons to love it and pick up a stylus for tablet style pen input on your Mac. Pair it with a software package that takes advantage of the capacitive touch pad and stylus compatibility.

A little known fact about the Macbook touch pad is that it uses similar capacitive touch detection to the iPad and iPhone. This means that any stylus meant for use with the iPad (or any capacitive tablet) can easily turn your Macbook touch pad into a small, but effective drawing tablet. I was able to pick up a capacitive stylus from the local dollar store for cheap, but most computer stores offer decent rubber tipped stylus at an affordable price.

Pairing The Stylus with Inklet

At first clicking, and dragging are a bit less than intuitive due to the touch pad’s designed use. Pair the stylus with Inklet 2 (Mac, $39.95), a cunning software package that takes advantage of the capacitive touch pad and stylus compatibility, and many users may find this a practical alternative to pricy professional drawing tablets. Compatible with Photoshop, Pixelmator and more, Inklet even offers pressure sensitivity, hand writing recognition and palm rejection (ignoring your hand on the touch pad while drawing with the capacitive stylus).

Enjoy basic photo editing and drawing with your Mac? Consider the addition of an affordable tablet stylus to your Macbook accessory kit. Looking for a more pro solution? Consider picking up Inklet 2 and get to work with integrated and affordable drawing tablet like features on your Macbook.

(Images: Sean Rioux)