Radical Gift Giving Strategy: Give Everyone the Same Gift

published Dec 16, 2015
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(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Some people have a true knack for gift giving and manage to think of a thoughtful and personal gift for everyone on their list. Then there’s the rest of us who struggle, procrastinate and, often, end up with gifts that are generic, uninspired or wholly unsuitable for the recipient. Well, here’s an idea to simplify your holiday shopping this year: get everyone the same gift.

True, if you have a 2-year-old and an 88-year-old on your list, the Venn Diagram intersection may be fairly limited (chocolate?). But even if you can choose a single gift for 80% of your list, that’s progress.

So you’re psyched at the thought of only choosing one gift this year, but there’s still the problem of which gift. My advice is to choose something you truly love or think is unique or that solves a problem beautifully. A gift you can stand behind and give your personal endorsement (ideally something you already have). And, remember, there’s a difference between something being bland and something having broad appeal. You’re going for the latter.

My uncle who has spent every Christmas with my family since we were little has been using this strategy the past few years and has given us (my mom, my sisters, my husband and my brother-in-law) things like a flashlight he thinks is awesome, extra, colorful USB chargers which we all needed and other similar gadgets that he has bought for himself and enjoys.

Other ideas:

  • Something edible
  • A bottle of your favorite wine
  • A useful gadget that has solved a problem for you
  • A book or album you love

What do you think? Is this a terrible, cop out idea or a smart way to make your gift giving less stressful?