We Asked 8 Real Estate Pros About Their Favorite Style of Area Rug — Here’s What They Said

published Apr 4, 2023
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An area rug can bring together all the elements of a room, but finding the right one to suit your style and space can be challenging. To help you decide, we turned to real estate pros and asked them about their favorite style of area rug.

Keep in mind that your rug choice is all relative to what kind of space you have. “I don’t really have a ‘go-to’ favorite rug because rug selections are always determined by the space it’s in and the furniture it’s underneath,” explains Margie Kaercher, lead designer at Hearth and Honey Homes. It’s also important to get the right size rug for the room. “Because a rug is what grounds and defines a room, it’s crucial to get the right size for your space.”

With that in mind, here’s what the pros had to say.

Neutral Color Rugs

“Neutral colors are my personal favorite, and I am seeing more and more use of natural fibers being utilized in current design trends,” says Adie Kriegstein, licensed real estate salesperson at Compass Real Estate in Manhattan.

Kriegstein prefers a more minimalist style with a timeless palette to use when layering or to help make other parts of the room stand out. “A rug can be used as the foundation/anchor for the design of a room and help it feel both current and relaxed,” Kriegstein adds.

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Oriental Rugs

Jasen Edwards, real estate expert and chair of the AgentAdvice.com agent editorial board, says his favorite area rug has the intricate details, classic patterns, and vivid colors of the Oriental rug.

“The unique designs, high-quality materials, and classic motifs can add character and style to any room,” Edwards says. “Oriental rugs provide timeless elegance and can enhance any decor. They are also very durable and can last for generations if cared for properly.”

Patterned Rugs

Jon Sanborn, real estate investor, licensed Realtor, and cofounder of SD House Guys in San Diego, prefers modern rugs with a geometric pattern. “I love the look of vibrant colors and shapes, as it brings an energy to any room and instantly updates the decor,” he says.

Plus, Sanborn says that with so many patterns available, there’s something for everyone. “I especially love rugs that have multiple shapes and shades, as it adds an interesting layer of texture to the space and provides visual interest,” Sanborn adds. “No matter what type of area rug you choose, having one can really bring life to your home.”

Alex Capozzolo, cofounder of Brotherly Love Real Estate in Philadelphia and San Diego, recommends patterned rugs to his clients because they can help highlight a space and make a significant impact. “A graphic statement rug is more of a personal preference, but it offers a focal point for the space and the supporting features could be simpler to create balance,” says Capozzolo. “What I appreciate about patterned rugs is the versatility they offer. There are modern and bold designs and even simpler patterns for a plan design.”

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs, which are wool, cotton, or silk rugs hand-woven or hand-knotted in Iran, are a favorite of Shannon Steinberg with moving company Allied Van Lines. “I love the intricate patterns and rich colors of these rugs. They add a touch of luxury to any space,” Steinberg says. “Persian rugs are also very durable, which is important in high-traffic areas.”

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Shag Rugs

Shaun Martin, owner and CEO at We Buy Houses In Denver, prefers the soft feel and look of shaggy, textured rugs. “The texture adds a unique dimension to any room and creates an interesting focal point. Plus, it’s easy to walk on without feeling like you’re sinking into it,” Martin adds.

The durable material used in this type of rug also makes it a great choice for rooms with a lot of foot traffic. “The long strands help hide dirt and debris so your rug stays looking nice much longer than smooth rugs,” Martin adds.

Viscose Rugs

“Viscose rugs are my absolute favorite,” says Tara Dennis, cofounder and director at Archie Bolden, an interiors firm in Atlanta. “Viscose rugs, also known as artificial silk or rayon rugs, have gained popularity as an attractive and versatile option for area rugs.”

Viscose rugs come in various patterns, colors, and styles, and Dennis says they “have a beautiful, lustrous sheen that resembles natural silk, making them visually appealing.”