Real Estate Rom Com: Maine Edition

published Mar 29, 2018
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Earlier this month I saw a property for sale that was so swoon-worthy I wrote a rom com about it. Not to be outdone, Sotheby’s International Realty posted this gorgeous Maine estate and once again I’ve found myself with a property muse of the highest caliber.

Morning- EXT. Islesboro, Maine.

RECENTLY DIVORCED WOMAN IN HER EARLY FIFTIES is sipping a cup of coffee on the porch of her new property. After leaving both her husband of 24 years and her high powered job behind in New York City, she feels like she can breath easily for the first time in decades. Sure she doesn’t know anyone on Islesboro, an island in Maine with a population of just over 500 people and a humid continental climate, but who needs companionship when you have the sea, she says, inhaling deeply while holding a mug with both hands.

When she stumbled across the listing for the 3,000 square foot, five bedroom, three bathroom home a month ago and immediately sent it to her best friend SARCASTIC YET LOVING SKEPTIC, she couldn’t have imagined that four weeks later she would have divvied up the furniture amongst her three children THE UPTIGHT ONE, THE FREE-SPIRIT, AND THE ONE THAT IS SO MUCH LIKE HER IT’S SCARY, arrived at her retreat and immediately filled up with a shocking amount of nice rugs (not pictured). Though the building was previously used as a retreat center (and had the food license and large septic system to prove it), she insisted that she wasn’t retreating from anything—no, she was facing her new life.

Suddenly RECENTLY DIVORCED WOMAN heard a dog in the vegetable garden, or was it the flower garden? Her property had both. She suddenly remembered the TACITURN BEEKEEPER who lived in the cottage. The best friend of the former owner, RECENTLY DIVORCED WOMAN agreed to let the mystifying woman stay in the guest cottage for the same low rent, which seemed shockingly low given it has an open concept kitchen, full bath and laundry. TACITURN BEEKEEPER waved from across the field before heading towards the shed that could be an office or a studio or a real tiny home.

RECENTLY DIVORCED WOMAN felt the spark she felt when she and TACITURN BEEKEEPER were first introduced. She couldn’t possibly be falling for someone so quickly? Crazier things have happened after all, like finding this gorgeous island property for only $299,000. Love is as beautiful as it is dangerous, much like my new spiral staircase without any railings, thought RECENTLY DIVORCED WOMAN.

You can see more photos and learn more about the property over on Sotheby’s International Realty.