2 Things Reddit Says You Need to Pack When Traveling Internationally

published Jun 9, 2023
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Summer travel season is upon us, and you’re more than likely receiving beneficial tips from travel bloggers and influencers. But there’s an unlikely group of experienced travelers offering advice on Reddit for “obscure yet vital” travel tips, and you’ll probably learn a thing or two from them for your next trip.

In the r/Travel thread, the OP mentioned that “[The advice] can be as outlandish or unknown as you like but it is vital for beginner and veteran [travelers] alike.” Although some tips are more general compared to the obscure others, they seem to be fairly helpful for beginner travelers or more experienced explorers. 

Many users offered similar advice to leave an open day on your itinerary for rest or to check local libraries for public bathrooms. One user offers a helpful tip for those who always happen to have leftovers of something, and it’s not just a handy suggestion for edible items. “I always take some sandwich bags. There’s always a half-eaten pastry, or leftovers etc. when you’re out. That way I can pop it in my bag for later.” A sandwich bag can be beneficial for a spilled item, bar of soap, or to protect an electronic device from getting wet.

Take advantage of Google’s offline services — you won’t regret downloading maps and language translations in case there’s a lack of cell service or internet connection. “Downloading an offline map on Google Maps for a region helps you navigate whether you have cell service or are traveling on airplane mode. If you’re in a country with a language barrier, you can download languages in Google Translate for offline use; while you might not have a deep intellectual convo, you can get by with basics like food, bathroom, etc. It’s particularly helpful in countries with different alphabets, as you can scan a photo you take or play out loud a phrase for someone helping you.”

Others on the thread got straight to the point with their advice: “Pack antidiarrheal medications no matter where you’re going.” And honestly, packing any type of medications to anticipate travel sickness (i.e., nausea, diarrhea, headaches) is a good tip whether you’re traveling in a plane, car, or boat. 

And some Reddit users offered wholesome tips to enjoy your adventure to the fullest, as you should “be prepared to get lost.” The commenter shared that getting lost while exploring can often be the best part of traveling. “This will force you to wander around, talk to locals, and discover new things. You might even find some hidden gems you would have missed if you had stuck to the beaten path.”