12 Things You Should Get Out of Your Fridge Right Now

published Nov 15, 2019
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Credit: Minette Hand

Some national days are excuses to go out for ice cream or pick up sprinkle donuts on the way home from work so you can post a hashtagged ‘gram. Other national days are good reasons to no longer put off doing something useful.

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, which falls on Nov. 15 this year, is one of the latter. The day is appropriately timed for a pre-Thanksgiving refrigerator refresh so you can make space for all the green bean casserole and pumpkin pie you’ll be whipping up.

In honor of Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, here are some items you get out of your refrigerator without a second thought:

Credit: Coco Morante

Expired condiments

If you need to replenish, put them on your list.

Alkaline batteries

Only some batteries benefit significantly from being stored cold.

Nail polish

Storing it in the fridge thickens it too much and it’s not necessary. Today’s polish formulas are more shelf stable than they used to be.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Baking soda that’s older than 30 days

That deodorizing box of baking soda isn’t doing its job after a month or so.

Rotting produce

Salvage what you can for smoothies or soups and store in the freezer. Compost the rest.

Moldy produce or bread

Hard cheeses may be salvaged by cutting off moldy portions.

Slimy lettuce or herbs

Slime indicates a buildup of bacteria.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Unlabeled leftovers

They could be too old to be safe to eat.

Open sodas and sparkling waters

Nobody wants to sip on a carbonated drink that has lost its fizz.

Extras that could be frozen instead

If you have a ton of extra shredded cheese or too many sticks of butter, move them to the freezer for safe long-term keeping.

Disposable take-out containers

Even if leftovers are still good, store them in space-saving glass containers instead.

Expired nutritional supplements

Get rid of vitamins or probiotics that are past their prime.