Relatable GIFs That Sum Up How You Feel About Moving

published Sep 6, 2016
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Moving is a huge process full of high and low points. Some moments will have you doing a celebratory dance, and others will have you more overwhelmed than you thought possible. Whether you’re signing the lease on your first apartment or you’re trading spaces for the 15th time, your move will probably look a lot like this:

Your lease is almost up, and you’re ready to move into a new apartment. You’ve crunched the numbers, you know your budget, and you have an idea of what you’re looking for, so…

You start combing through listings.

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That’s you before you remember how time-consuming the process can get.

Your search inevitably becomes a little stressful.

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That’s you fantasizing about giving up entirely, but you don’t.

Eventually you find some exciting options.

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You schedule viewings and do a happy dance, for good measure.

Your viewings don’t quite go as planned.

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Most of the apartments you see just don’t fit your needs.

But you find the perfect place, and sign your new lease.

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You’re ready to celebrate—that is, until you remember you have to pack.

Packing is more stressful than you remembered.

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But somehow you buckle down and get through it.

Moving day finally comes, and you’re excited.

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You’re ready to take on the day, even though you know exactly what’s in store.

If you hired movers, your morning looks like this:

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Making nervous phone calls because your movers are late? Not fun.

And if you didn’t, your day looks like this:

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There’s a lot of pivoting involved.

You finally get settled in, and you’re exhausted.

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You didn’t even know you could feel this tired.

But you also feel like this:

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You know nothing can beat the feeling of moving in to your dream apartment.