A ‘Hollywood Bungalow’ Style House Has Some Surprisingly Affordable Decor Ideas

A ‘Hollywood Bungalow’ Style House Has Some Surprisingly Affordable Decor Ideas

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Designers: Christina Valencia and Kele Dobrinski of Colossus Mfg
Homeowners: Family of five
Location: Land Park, Sacramento
Size: 1,700 square feet

In its original condition, there wasn’t much to love about this 1702-square-foot Land Park home built in 1941. It had old mustard-colored carpet, a micro-sized kitchen, and peeling linoleum throughout. It had been abandoned for several years, so it was in need of some major TLC. Our goal was to bring in tons of light, open the entire space up and give it a full refresh to turn it into the perfect place for a family with three young girls to comfortably have room to grow. The homeowners are close friends, so when they decided to buy a new place for their young family of five, we were thrilled to help them make it their own.

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We chose two distinct styles—Hollywood Regency and Beach Bungalow—then found commonalities between them in order to create a fresh direction for them, Hollywood Bungalow. With each project we do, it’s important for us to set an overarching concept for a space from the get-go, in order to tell a cohesive story and have a focal point for design decision making. We are also always looking for ways to blend homeowners’ styles while respecting the original architecture of the home.

We made major changes to the structure of the home. We gutted the kitchen, opening up the space from its original walled-off form for a combined dining/kitchen space, added a built-in mudroom, and opened up the den to the backyard by adding a large sliding door. To create their Hollywood Bungalow, we mixed earthy elements like grass cloth, tambour, and loads of indoor greenery with black and white rugs, graphic art, and a mix of golden hues throughout. For furnishings, we love a mix of vintage and modern, so we scoured antique shops for statement pieces—like the vintage peacock fireplace cover, golden cheetah statue, and oversized ceramic lamps—to create a nice juxtaposition against the surfboard, beach prints, and a Gibson guitar.

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Designers’ Style: We try not to subscribe to one specific style, rather we approach each project with fresh eyes and determine what it needs to help it shine. We’ve been lucky enough to bring to life a wide range of styles, including Spanish Revival, Desert glam, and even a mid-century meets ’70s cabin. Typically, we gravitate towards a textured, lived-in feel and we love infusing graphic elements and bold color into our work. We want our projects to make a statement, while ultimately creating a space that’s comfortable, unfussy, and inviting.

Designers’ Inspiration: We love blending two styles together with the goal of bringing forward a design that feels fresh and unexpected. For this home, we knew the couple had past roots in Southern California and so we looked for commonalities between Hollywood Regency and Beach Bungalow styles to create a concept that we call Hollywood Bungalow. To bring this vision to life, we mixed earthy elements like grass cloth, tambour, and loads of indoor greenery with black and white rugs, graphic art, and a mix of golden hues throughout.

Favorite Element: The tambour that we added to the fireplace! In its original state, the fireplace was drab and didn’t do anything to catch your eye, but there were two rounded columns on each end that had potential and that we knew wanted to accentuate. By applying tambour, we were able to add texture and warmth to the space in a subtle way, and by using it as an architectural feature we were able to incorporate just the right amount of vintage vibes that we were after. That said, we still want to ensure that the fireplace felt modern so we balanced the tambour with a graphic, modern print that we found from PrintClub LTD.

Biggest Challenge: The original space was all chopped up into separate rooms, giving the homeowner zero  visibility to their backyard. As a family with young kids, we knew it was critical to create better flow throughout the main living areas. To do that, we had to strip out a giant old wet bar plopped in the center of the kitchen—which sounds fun in theory but no one needs THAT much space to make drinks!—and we opened up a space in the middle to create a combo kitchen and dining area where the family can more easily cook meals and enjoy time around the table together.

Proudest DIY: Our proudest DIY moment was applying sheets of grasscloth to the dining room wall. Wallpaper in general can be intimidating to apply, but the great thing about grasscloth is that it has enough texture to hide any imperfections that happen during application. It’s affordable and you can buy it in sheets, then you just roll it out, apply wallpaper adhesive to the back, and evenly apply it to the wall using the palm of your hand to smooth it as you go. I would recommend trying it, just make sure you have a buddy to help during install because unless you want an uneven backdrop; hanging wallpaper is definitely a two person job.

Biggest Indulgence: We found a gorgeous walnut dresser at an antique fair that we knew would look perfect in the foyer, so we splurged on it and paired it with a funky oversized lamp and big round gold mirror. We believe that well-made wooden credenzas are timeless and if you find one with a simple yet defined design, it becomes a signature piece that can be re-styled a million ways throughout its lifetime.

Best Advice: Pick one statement piece and build the rest of the room around that, that way you won’t have elements competing with one another in the same space. For instance, we loved the graphic, vintage couch that we found for the den, but we knew we needed to tone down the other materials around it in order to not visually overwhelm the space, so we chose a cream rug, leather ottoman, and a simple console table to sit beside it. Finding vintage statement pieces are our favorite way to go, because they’re truly one of a kind!

What’s your best home secret? Reusing worn-out upholstery! A friend had an old sofa with the most amazing floral tapestry, but it was very worn out and needed to be reupholstered. We took the old fabric, found small usable rectangle shapes from the seat cushions, then cut, stretched, and stapled them to blank canvases to create the art for the dining room. This was a really inexpensive hack and gave a vintage backdrop to an otherwise modern space.