This Weird-Looking Device Is Better Than Blue Light Glasses for Reviving My Strained Eyes (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

updated Jul 12, 2022
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Let me preface by admitting this thing is the weirdest-looking item on my nightstand. I’ve been told it gives the impression that I escape into virtual reality each night, although it’s quite the contrary. This VR goggle-esque device actually helps me unwind from the real world (without going anywhere else) better than any other tangible tool I have at the moment. It’s the eye massager from RENPHO, complete with air pressure, heat, vibration, and even music.

I had no idea eye massagers existed until a few months ago when my concerned housemate urged me to stop rubbing my eyes with my fists every five minutes. Unfortunately, the fear of expediting wrinkles had nothing on the soreness I felt from my blue light-strained eyes. She told me about an eye massager that her boss and thousands of other internet people swear by and, I have to admit, the idea of anything massaging my temples in that moment had me immediately, and ironically, flicking my laptop back open to place an order.

Turns out there are lots of eye massagers out there, on Amazon especially, but this one caught my eye (as it were) for its portability — it folds entirely in half — and brand (I’m a huge fan of RENPHO). I knew that if this thing was as good as everyone says it is, I was going to want to take it with me everywhere. Complete with its own carrying case and micro USB charging cord, the RENPHO eye massager has been my constant companion since I unboxed it in early December. It’s designed to ease the muscles around your eyes into deeper pressure over a 15-minute treatment period. I love this because, especially when first used, it’s kind of a weird experience and takes some easing into mentally as well as physically. Once you get over the sounds of the air pressure and focus on the mask’s music (or turn it off and play some of your own), time flies by while the pressure on your brows, temples, and eye sockets gets progressively firmer.

After a few consecutive nights of treatments, I noticed my eyes relaxing sooner into the process than they had the first time. Now, it takes little to no effort to quiet my mind and my body at the end of the day, get to sleep faster and with fewer distractions, and actually achieve quality REM rest throughout the night. I expected this eye massager to just offer me some temporary relief, but it has unexpectedly become a wellness and self-care ritual for me. Now, I’ll even pop on the mask in the mornings to get me de-puffed and energized for the day ahead. A quick 15-minute (or even 2-to 3-minute) gentle massage prepares my eyes for all the work they’re about to do and, much like stretching any other muscle before a workout, using it in the morning has eased the amount of strain my eyes go through during the day.

Buy: RENPHO Eye Massager With Heat and Vibration, $53.19 (normally $94.99)