This $9 Dusting Cloth Has Been a Household Staple Since 1892

published Feb 16, 2021
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Wiping down coffee table with dusting cloth

Not all cloths are created equal. Which one you grab from your stock ultimately depends on what you’re cleaning. Shining up windows or mirrors? Opt for a lint-free microfiber cloth. Cleaning grime off your countertops? We’re all about something scrubby. Time to dust? Grab your new favorite, old-school tool: The Ritz Dusting Cloth

Beloved by “savvy homemakers” since 1892, 70 percent of the Amazon ratings for Ritz cloths are five-star ratings. Some customers, who’ve been using Ritz cloths for years, complain that they’re not as big, thick, or soft as they once were. Other customers rave about the cloths for their effectiveness: “Picks up and holds the dust like no other. I bought 9 of them so I can use then wash them all together,” writes one reviewer. “I have tried many other cloths and methods for removing dust but this one works the best!”

Here’s what’s special about them, aside from the vintage look: The cloths are made of pure cotton flannel, which is apparently specifically woven to grab dust and lock it in until you either shake it out or toss it in the washer.

Not only are Ritz cloths effective; they’re also versatile — you can use them to remove dust from just about every surface in your home, since they’re soft enough not to scratch. They work for polishing and buffing, too, so they’re perfect for cleaning stainless steel appliances (or detailing your car — we’re serious). 

Ritz cloths are admittedly a bit pricey — they’ll cost you around $10 a pop — but you may end up spending less money over time, because you won’t have to use any other products with them (assuming they work as well for you as they do for the other happy reviewers). Plus, many reviewers say the cloths withstand routine laundering, so you won’t have to splurge on new ones too often.