Live Like a Billionaire – The Rockefeller Family is Auctioning Off $500 Million Worth of Prized Possessions

published May 5, 2018
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Have you ever wanted to live like you were rich and famous? If you said no, why are you lying? Maybe you don’t want the fast and dangerous lifestyle that might come with wealth, but everyone dreams of having a lot of money, at least once in their lifetime.

John D. Rockefeller sure had that dream and he accomplished it ten times over.

The oil industry business magnate became cemented in the history books when he became the first U.S. billionaire. That is an impressive feat since he did it over 100 years ago in 1916. He is widely considered the wealthiest man in modern history – eat that Elon Musk and Bill Gates!

When John died in 1937, his assets equaled about 1.5% of America’s economic output. Forbes estimates that today, John D. Rockefeller would have a net worth around $340 billion.

That wealth was then passed on down to his family and now his great-grandchildren, Margaret “Peggy” Dulany and David Jr. are teaming up with Christie’s to auction off over $500 million worth of heirlooms. It probably wasn’t too hard to find some decent prized possessions they could make a good buck off of!

You might be wondering why a family who clearly doesn’t need any more money would be auctioning things off for money? It is all for charity. The entire proceeds made at the auction will be donated.

The best part? Some items have a starting bid of just $100!

The auction list includes personal heirlooms, priceless artwork from Picasso and Monet, fine china and jewelry, lamps and lighting fixtures, porcelain, and more. Many of the items on the last date back to the late 1700s and early 1800s. If you comb through the list, you’ll even find some vintage Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

If you have money to burn, the Rockefeller money clip starts at a small bid of just $24,000.

You can check out the entire collection online here. Items on the auction list are available through May 11th.