Surprise! Your Parents’ Rooster-Filled Kitchen from the Early 2000s Is Back in Style

published Sep 14, 2023
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Credit: Galina Grebenyuk/Shutterstock

Few things scream early 2000s interior design quite like Tuscan-style kitchens. Before Instagram and Pinterest brought about an obsession with sleek, white kitchens flooded with natural light, the preferred style for “the heart of the home” was a bit more intricate. 

Tuscan kitchens marry rustic materials with opulent details, earthy color palettes, stone details, and warm wood accents. The result? A room that feels as warm and welcoming and over-the-top as your favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant. (You just never have to leave home to visit it.)

Many of these kitchens also featured the unofficial mascot for Tuscan kitchens: the rooster. You’d be hard pressed to find a kitchen without at least some sort of rooster paraphernalia during that time, whether it be a simple figurine sitting on an open shelf, a rooster-shaped crock to hold your utensils, or a full set of rooster-themed kitchenware. 

But despite their reign as the most popular kitchen style of the early 2000s, these kitchens soon fell from favor. It seemed like we’d all seen the last of Tuscan kitchens for good — until, that is, folks who grew up during that time period started to resurface the style on social media, professing their love for Tuscan kitchens and embracing the style’s nostalgia. And with seemingly everyone going to Italy over the summer, Italian-inspired decor is receiving renewed attention

And just like that, rooster-themed kitchen decor started making its way back onto the shelves of some of our favorite retailers. From measuring cups to pitchers to figurines and so much more, roosters are making their mark in the kitchen again. Here are just a few of the stand-out pieces.

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This hand-painted terracotta serving bowl is the perfect way to dip your toe into the Tuscan-inspired trend without fully redecorating. The bright colors feel more modern than the earthy tones favored in the aughts, and the Campania factory and its artisans are located on the Amalfi Coast, lending an authentic Italian flair to the piece.

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Sur La Table

Serve up water with a side of whimsy at your next dinner party by setting the table with this chic rooster-shaped pitcher. The handcrafted piece is made in Italy (hello, Tuscan inspiration!) and features an array of colors that can work with just about any style of dinnerware.

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While the rooster utensil crocks of the early aughts tended to be literally shaped like a rooster, this sweet little crock flips the script on that trend by featuring illustrations of roosters, chickens, and eggs. As a bonus, it’s dishwasher-safe.

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If you’re ready to go full on Tuscan kitchen, this set is exactly what you need. The colors and design are so true to the style of early 2000s rooster kitchenware that people may assume you thrifted the set or had it passed down from your parents or grandparents.

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Keep your roost in perfect order with the help of these nesting measuring cups. Each hand-painted rooster cup is cute enough to display on its own, but when stacked together the set becomes something so fun and kitschy, you can’t help but to put it on view.

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If you’re all set on actual kitchenware, but still want to add a little rooster flair to your space, a classic rooster figurine is the way to go. This little guy was hand-painted in MacKenzie-Childs’ iconic courtly check pattern, and will serve as both a talking point and focal point in your home. It’s a splurge for sure, but if you’re a MacKenzie-Childs fan and want a stand-out piece that you’ll enjoy for years to come, it could definitely be worth it.