We Tried One of Ruggable’s Washable Rugs — And It’s a Total Game Changer (and 15% Off Right Now!)

updated May 26, 2022
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As someone who hears about a lot of new brands and innovative products on a daily basis, I treat every new “thing” with a healthy dose of skepticism. My motto is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So you can imagine my suspicion when I first heard about Ruggable, the brand that sells washable rugs. Aren’t all rugs technically “washable?”, you ask. Well, yes, pretty much all modern rugs can be steam cleaned or at the very least spot cleaned. But none of them can be safely put through a washer and dryer—until Ruggable came along.

So how does it work? Ruggable’s rugs come in two parts: a rug pad and a rug cover. The pad keeps it from sliding, while the cover is made of a lightweight, low-pile material that can be thrown into the washer. Once you have a Ruggable pad, you can buy any rug cover you want—and the company sells a ton, ranging across pretty much every style. I got to test out a Ruggable rug for myself, and let me say, it was a journey.

First off, I had to pick a style, which was a bit of a challenge considering just how many options there are. (There are even shag rugs, which just launched.) I was specifically searching for a runner for my kitchen, an area that I thought would most benefit from a washable rug (hello, food stains). I eventually went with this trendy boho option in the 2.5′ x 7’—although you’ll notice there are five other sizes to choose from depending on your needs.

When my new rug arrived, I found that the assembly was easy enough. The rug pad and cover are attached by four corner tabs, which have a little velcro part that keeps them together. But take care to choose the correct bottom side—at first I had the wrong side facing down and the rug was slipping and sliding everywhere. Once I realized my error, I flipped it over and was honestly surprised at how good the pad is at sticking to the hardwood. (And if you want to be sure you’re getting it right, you can watch this helpful YouTube video.)

Next came time for some real testing. After several days of cooking in the kitchen, the rug wasn’t exactly dirty but definitely not as clean or fresh-looking as it originally was. With no major spills, it had your average dirt buildup from shoes and dust—but I wanted to give it more of a test. So, I purposely sprinkled hot sauce on my brand new rug, which was positively wild. Reader, I’ve never felt so alive!

Credit: Nicole Lund
Can you even believe? (And please ignore my dirty oven.)

Then I rolled the rug right up to take to the laundromat. An aside: I was very skeptical about how the rug would fit into a washer, but it turns out that the cover folds up nice and small, making it super easy to both transport to the washer (especially if you have to travel, like me) and throw it in. I used a mild detergent, put it on cold, and came back 24 minutes later.

When I pulled it out, I broke into a cold sweat. The stains were still there. I immediately scolded myself for being so naive and not even pre-treating it, then threw it in the dryer and hoped it would go away, like the independent adult that I am. And here’s the thing: The stains actually DID fade significantly, with no pre-treating. They’re still there, vaguely, but not noticeable at all unless you’re really looking up close and actually trying to find them. Otherwise, the rug came out of the dryer looking and feeling exactly as it did when I first got it, with no signs of it falling apart or shrinking. Color me deeply impressed.

Credit: Nicole Lund
Yup, this is post-wash. Stains are practically invisible.

So my final verdict? Ruggable is totally worth it, and I heartily recommend especially if you have pets, small children, or just tend to spill things. If you do have a major spill, just pre-treat it like you would with anything else that goes in the washer, and it’ll be good as new in no time.

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