This $7 Little Luxury from Sam’s Club Is My Winter Must-Have

published Dec 12, 2023
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Credit: Esteban Cortez

Unless you live in a tropical climate (in which case, please send me a postcard; I am jealous), you’ve likely experienced the dreaded dry air shift when winter blows into town. Skin gets chapped, Aquaphor is purchased; hair gets brittle, hair masks are slathered on. I, personally, start to feel like Spongebob with no water. For all the lotions and huge mugs of tea, though, there is one winter wellness essential that is quite literally slept on: satin pillowcases. And right now, you can find them at Sam’s Club for just under $7.

The benefits of satin pillowcases have been well-documented. Their silky texture reduces friction when you sleep, which can cut down on nuisances like pillow lines, acne, and messy, frizzy hair. It’s not a new beauty secret, either: “As a 16-year licensed esthetician, I have been sharing solutions for acne and aging skin conditions on a regular basis … I do recommend a satin pillowcase as part of a complete home care regimen, as they reduce friction that can cause breakouts and increase the signs of aging,” beauty guru Lori Crete, president and founder of Spa 10 and host of the Beauty Biz Show, told Apartment Therapy for a story back in 2019

The under-touted perk of satin pillowcases, though, is their ability to help you lock in hydration. “While some pillowcase materials actively pull moisture from the skin, satin pillowcases made from silk absorb less liquid, which helps the skin stay hydrated. Adequate hydration helps prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging,” explains Sleep Foundation. In other words, your satin pillowcase won’t soak up your expensive night cream or reap the benefits of your slugging routine after you’ve carefully tried to seal in the moisture. 

If you haven’t converted from your old faithful cotton pillowcases yet, it may be because silk pillowcases can run at a premium. It’s not unusual for some of the best silk pillowcases to cost anywhere from $50 to over $100. So this satin pillowcase from Sam’s Club is a bargain — it’s $8.98 at full price, but until December 26 it’s $2 off, making for the perfect holiday gift for yourself or anyone you really like. The queen-size pillowcase comes in pearly white or dark gray gunmetal, and touts “better night sleep, less hair breakage, optimal moisture for skin and hair” as one of its highlights. Sign me up!

This product isn’t available for delivery, so in case you don’t live near a Sam’s Club, this satin pillowcase from Amazon is only a few dollars more. I love the range of colors it comes in and the nearly 300,000 reviews with a 4.5 average star rating. They’d make excellent stocking stuffers, actually useful White Elephant gifts, or a lightweight present to pack if you’re traveling for the holidays. I like to swap out my pillowcases more frequently than my laundry basket fills up, so I may add a couple to the cart just for myself. 

Buy: Bedsure Satin Pillowcase, $9.99 (normally $12.99)