I Tried It: This New AI Cordless Vacuum Works Harder than I Do (and I’m Obsessed)

published Aug 3, 2023
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“I think it’s love!” That’s the first thing my husband said to me after I told him to give Samsung’s all-new Bespoke Jet AI vacuum a whirl while on a recent Sunday cleaning spree. I’d been test-driving it for a little over a week and singing its praises. When he finally got his hands on it, he understood. There’s a lot to like about it.

While I enjoy dusting and wiping up high, my husband is typically the one who puts in the cleaning work down low. We do a lot of vacuuming around our house because the debris piles up fast — we have two dogs and three people trekking dirt back and forth, plus we spend a lot of time outside in our garden — and our area rugs and wood floors are difficult to keep clean. Because we’re both extra sensitive to seasonal and dust allergies, we vacuum multiple times a week to ensure we can breathe more easily. Because of this, we put our household vacuum cleaners to work, and have at times struggled to find one that checks all our boxes: great suction, durability, and ease of use. The Bespoke Jet AI vacuum — Samsung’s most powerful cordless stick vacuum yet — has our attention.

How does the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum work?

Let’s start with the AI functionality, which I was most curious about when I unboxed it. This vacuum features an AI Cleaning Mode that detects the cleaning environment and floor type you’re using it on (think: a light layer of dust on hardwood floors, versus a buildup of caked-on debris on a high-pile area rug or carpet) and adjusts its algorithm to provide the optimal suction power and brush roll speed needed to clean it properly.

While vacuuming in this mode (my favorite!), the Bespoke Jet AI uses the data from its suction motion controller and monitors the air pressure through its pressure sensors to continuously switch gears as you need it to. As I roll it from rug to rug and across the wood and tile floors between them, you can hear it take a moment to detect that there’s been a change in the floor type I’m cleaning and adjust accordingly.

The Bespoke Jet AI vacuum cleaner also has a very handy self-cleaning function that makes your post-vacuuming routine simple and way neater. (I’ve been known to make an even bigger mess than the one I just cleaned when emptying a vacuum bag or cylinder over the trash can.) When not in use, the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum rests and recharges on a self-emptying All-in-One Clean Station. It uses what’s called Air Pulse and Air Spin Edge technology to empty its dustbin automatically and completely in seconds — I’m talking pet hair, dust bunnies, and all. It shuts its cover tight with each purge so you’re really winning in the dust management department.

What are the pros of using the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum cleaner?

It’s cordless.

I repeat, it’s cordless! That’s reason enough to love any vacuum cleaner, but so far, this one is stronger (with up to 280W1 of suction power) than any other handheld vacuum I’ve given a go. Which means the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum is great for anyone who wants their vacuum cleaner to work as hard as they do around the house and to spend a lot less time vacuuming in general. Using this vacuum saved me a ton of time because instead of switching between a heavy-duty corded vacuum and a handheld one to complete my weekend cleanup routine, like I usually do, I’m able to clean everything with this all-in-one product.

The accessories are great.

The Bespoke Jet AI has a solid selection of brushes and other accessories — including an Anti-Tangle Pet Tool and a Long-Reach Crevice Tool. I’m also a big fan of products that use LED lighting while you clean because I’m not trying to miss a speck of dust — especially the ones hiding in the darkest corners of my home.

It’s long-lasting.

With a full charge, the Bespoke Jet AI lasts up to 100 minutes, which is not only an impressive overall runtime, but it’s also about 99 minutes longer than I want to be vacuuming, so I love not having to recharge midway through a weekend deep-cleaning. Also, yay for battery efficiency.

It’s easy to use and quiet.

Some cordless stick vacuums I’ve used are tough on my wrists, mainly because they’re quite heavy and trying to maneuver them around pesky furniture corners is more work than it looks like. I was very surprised at how lightweight and flexible the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum cleaner is to use and how well it navigates tricky areas. It’s also incredibly quiet, even in AI Cleaning mode when it’s switching between suction power modes. One of our small dogs is very afraid of vacuum cleaners, and she barely noticed us using this one. That was certainly a welcomed plot twist I didn’t see coming.

Are there any cons?

I haven’t encountered any functional cons so far, which is refreshing, but it is a splurge. Look, I get it. No one’s excited to invest in a vacuum cleaner, especially if the price point is just under $1,000 — this one’s on sale for $849.99 right now, by the way — but as my grandmother constantly reminds me, when it comes to shopping for my home and clothes: You get what you pay for! This vacuum cleaner puts every other one sitting in our home to shame right now, and collectively, I’m sure we’ve easily spent more than $1,000 replacing old vacuum cleaners that just couldn’t hang with our household needs. I’m actually looking forward to using this one again — that is, if my husband ever puts it down.

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