This TikToker Is Virtually Touring All the Most Terrifying Real Estate Listings

published Sep 13, 2021
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There’s no shame if spending time on Zillow is one of your favorite pastimes — Kelly Clarkson even told the New York Times that she spends most Friday nights checking out “Zillow porn” instead of checking social media. But for all the beautiful homes out there you simply can’t resist ogling, there’s some downright terrifying stuff to behold, too, and one TikTok user is virtually “touring” it all for his more than 48,000 followers.

Los Angeles resident Seth Hollingsworth is your typical twentysomething on the video app, sharing his music practice, trips to Starbucks, and other standard Gen Z fare. But since June, he’s found viral fame thanks to his hilarious #scaryzillow tours, diving deeper into some of the most bizarre findings on everyone’s favorite real estate site.

First up: a “forbidden church of love” in Joshua Tree, California, which includes all kinds of “50 Shades”-inspired fare, including black walls, a red fuzzy toilet seat cover, and a casual room for, er, romance, including a stripper pole, sex swing, and more. Hollingsworth notes that it’s got a “cute little backyard” — if you can overlook (or remove with a hazmat suit) just about everything on the inside.

In another video, he highlights a gorgeous Ithaca, New York home with plenty of decor choices that simply “don’t sit right” with him. Aside from an inexplicably egregious number of large chairs everywhere (including rolling desk chairs at the kitchen island) and two separate showers in the same bathroom, the home’s primary bedroom includes a bed with a fully mirrored frame and a suspended mirror hanging over the top of the bed.

Then there’s the Saginaw, Michigan home that has apparently included $1 million worth of updates with a listing price of just $540K. With 16 acres of property and 5,000 square feet, it’s certainly questionable as to why the home is so affordable — until you peek inside. Not only does the exterior look like something built out of “The Sims,” the inside features a fully carpeted spiral staircase, a shower curtain in the kitchen, and a hallway with floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, which Hollingsworth notes is “kinda cool, if you like people watching you and then murdering you.”

Given the popularity of Hollingsworth’s Zillow tours, it seems likely he’ll share more if you’re interested in both laughing and gasping at what’s up for grabs on the market. You never know — your dream home might be a few clicks away.