Scrub Daddy Makes a $4 Dusting Sponge and People Absolutely Love It

published Dec 21, 2021
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wood blind shade curtain and shadow
Credit: Getty Images/ tarnrit

If you’re as into cleaning as I am, you’ve probably heard of Scrub Daddy, the brand behind some of the most popular (and smiley) sponges and scouring pads on the market. I’m a big fan of their functional-but-fun products, so I couldn’t hit “add to cart” fast enough when I learned about a new product that solves one of the peskiest problems around the house: dust.

I first learned about this new product from TikTok-famous pro cleaner Vanesa Amaro, who posted a few months ago about a $4 Scrub Daddy dusting sponge she and her followers are loving so much that it’s sold out multiple times. Think of it as a Magic Eraser for trapping dust. It’s safe to use on any surface, and you don’t need any other cleaning products — only water and the sponge itself — to see immediate results.

Here’s how it works: The rippled sponge traps dust with a quick wipe, unlike other dusters, which just push the dust back into the air. When you’re done, the sponge rinses totally clean so you can use it over and over again. Just run it across the dusty surface, and the sponge will trap the debris! You can use it pretty much anywhere in your home — your blinds, vents, baseboards, railings, mirrors, and even your furniture, as Amaro demonstrates in the TikTok. The sponge comes moistened in the package, but you’ll want to dampen it each time you use it to soften the foam for dusting. 

According to Scrub Daddy reviews, customers love it just as much as Amaro. One person shared that the dusting sponge has been particularly helpful for staving off allergens. “I have asthma and allergies, and these damp dusters are amazing and help me to be able to clean my house with minimal chemicals,” the reviewer shares.

Speaking of allergens, another reviewer says it works great for grabbing pet fur in addition to dust — and shares a brilliant hack for rinsing the sponge after use. “A quick hint: Make sure you have a strainer in the sink to catch all that yuck,” the five-star reviewer suggests.

If you’re looking to add a reliable cleaning tool to your supplies, try grabbing this one (or a few of them!) whenever they’re not sold out. Your dusty surfaces will thank you.