See How This Pro Organizer Brings Organization to This Work Closet

published Apr 20, 2023
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Designer's work closet before being organized. shelves are messy, things are not labeled
Credit: Jenna Haefelin

When looking at nicely organized spaces, you can certainly draw inspiration from them, even if you don’t have the exact size or style they do. One such space you can be inspired by is this closet organized by Jenna Haefelin of SPIFF.

This closet serves as a work closet for the client and holds interior design items, like carpet and fabric samples, and other office items. Overall, it lacked an organizational system, so it needed a functional one that made sense for what it stored.

Credit: Jenna Haefelin

Jenna and her team overhauled the entire closet in just six hours. “There are always things that we need to problem-solve in the moment, but there weren’t any major hiccups on this job,” Jenna shares.

Credit: Jenna Haefelin

Her biggest concern was having hangers that could hold up the carpet samples, but it all worked out in the end. Jenna gets deeper into the hidden organizational elements of the project: “We categorized all of the samples by designer and texture/pattern,” she shares. “This was the most tedious part of the job. You will see some unlabeled bins on the shelves and those are for future clients.”

Speaking on the results, Jenna couldn’t help but gush about the aesthetic and functionality: “I love how calm it feels, how it has a system. And I love the functionality of the hanging rug samples; they were too large to fit on the shelves and I wanted our client to see each one easily.”

Credit: Jenna Haefelin

The organizational system found in this space can certainly be applied to any other closet that needs order. And if you are interested in taking on a similar project, Jenna had this advice: Bring in the professionals. “It makes a big difference when the right materials are put in place. Clients often will try before hiring us and they end up wasting a lot of money on bins and materials that don’t work or maximize their space.”

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