5 Apps That Make Selling Your Furniture Super Easy

published Mar 27, 2019
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Want to redecorate your home? There’s an app for that.

Nowadays, there’s an app for virtually every task—and sprucing up your space is no different. Looking to move into a new apartment? You can swipe your way to your dream home. Want rev up your home with a new layout? A crop of apps will show you how.

There’s also a handful of apps that make it easy for people to sell their furniture and we couldn’t be happier.

Whether you are moving into another home or want to treat yourself to a new couch but need to get rid of your old one first, you have to admit that selling your pieces can be a challenge. How do you know you’re offering a fair price? How do you coordinate a delivery? And of course, where do you even sell your furniture in the first place?

We’re helping with one piece of the puzzle by sharing five apps that make selling your furniture a breeze:

Looking to sell a covetable Knoll sofa or antique mirror in mint condition? Chairish is here to help! The site, and its accompanying app, has a carefully curated selection hand-picked by the team. Though the team will need to approve your pieces, they’ll also help you facilitate deliveries and returns (if needed!). Once your item has been sold, Chairish will give you a commission of 70 percent or more!

2. Letgo

If you want to make the most of your listing, download the Letgo app. With millions of downloads, Letgo is touted as the largest and fastest-growing app for buying and selling clothes, cars, home decor (duh!), and more. This streamlines the selling process by letting you post items for free and offering tips for making your listing shine. But if you just want to get rid of your items—and aren’t too concerned with making extra cash—Letgo also has a “Free Stuff” section so you can donate your stuff.

Psst… Apartment Therapy has its very own marketplace where design lovers can buy or sell chairs, lamps, and so much more. The Apartment Therapy Bazaar carries a range of luxe, stylegrade, and everyday pieces, so you’re bound to find a home for your wares in no time. Best of all? Our Android and iOS-compatible app makes it easy to seal the deal on the go!

4. 5Miles

As 5Miles proves, successfully selling your furniture and decor is all about location, location, location. After you add a photo and enter a short description, the app will use your phone’s location to show your listing to nearby buyers. Once you have some interested buyers, you can chat with them through 5Miles’ secured chat. You never know, maybe you’ll make a new, design-lovin’ friend!

Busybodies will love Everything But The House (a.k.a. EBTH), a bid-centric buying and selling site with an accompanying app. All you need to do is hop on a call with EBTH’s concierge team, who will help you make a sale. From there, the team will appraise the piece, write description, and post them on EBTH’s auctions. Bidders can use the EBTH app to bid, and once your item is sold, you’ll receive a portion of the sale.