Think You’ve Got a Valuable Item to Sell? Here’s How This HGTV Expert Says You Should Price It

published Mar 19, 2021
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Credit: HGTV

Have you ever cleaned out an attic, basement, or miscellaneous closet and stumbled upon a vintage item that prompts a lightbulb to go off: what if this is worth a lot of money? In HGTV’s new show “Everything But the House,” host Lara Spencer helps homeowners clear out their spaces while cashing in on old valuables — so she knows a thing or two about finding out what you should price an item when you’re looking to sell it.

After spotting the potentially valuable item, first thing’s first: do your online homework. Spencer says to do a quick search to see what your item — or ones similar to it — is going for price-wise and if there’s an existing demand that makes it worth trying to sell. If, after doing some preliminary research, you decide that it’s worth pursuing, Spencer says next steps depend on the answer to one major question: how much does the item mean to you?

If your response is, not that important, Spencer suggests thinking about what getting rid of the item means versus making a big paycheck. ” If it’s something you didn’t pay for that you inherited and you didn’t love, maybe it’s worth it to get it out of your life,” Spencer told Apartment Therapy. “Yes, on paper a mahogany table should be worth $500, but to you, it’s sucking energy from your life. If someone wants to buy it for $200 bucks and they’re going to come pick it up and get it out of your house, then you win.”

Credit: HGTV

By understanding that the item you’re trying to sell doesn’t hold much worth to you in the first place, Spencer says you’ll become more realistic and less focus on the preciousness of it all.  “If you have a house full of stuff that’s cluttering your life and taking up your space and irritating you, then think about the big picture,” Spencer said. “It all adds up — your bowl made $20, plus the [other item made] $40, plus the [other item made] $60. That’s a nice check! If your dad sells your roller blades and CDs and gets $100 bucks for all of it, you win.”

On the other hand, if the attachment to the item is strong, it might be worth hiring an appraiser or a company like Everything But the House, the experts featured on the show (hence the name). A professional can help identify the correct value of the item and get it in front of buyers who can potentially match that price. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but if the object means that much to you, it could be worth knowing that you tried.

So next time you unearth a potential hidden gem, do your research, then do some self-reflection on what that item means to you. And for more selling tips, be sure to check out “Everything But the House” premiering on Friday, March 19 at at 9/8 central on HGTV.