Selling Your Home: 3 Investments to Get Your Best Possible Price

published Apr 29, 2015
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Yep, these things will require you to spend some cash up front but won’t it be worth it when your house sells faster and for more money? Try these three tiered ideas that let you invest a little or a lot.

Budget ($)

Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned or Landscaped

This is the minimum you can do to make sure both the inside and outside of your home are sparkling clean and pretty. It’s your first, best way to tell your potential buyer that this is somewhere they want to be. Buyers instinctively know a dirty house may mean an uninterested homeowner (which could also mean bigger, hidden problems for them down the road). Don’t leave them with that impression — clean up. Skimp on this step and you’ll probably hear crickets chirping on the day of your open house.

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Affordable ($$)

Hire a Profesional Photographer

Better photos mean more interest and higher selling price. Period. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that better photos (taken with a higher quality camera) leads to a minimum of a thousand dollar increase — and often much more. And someone who specializes in interiors will know all the right angles and techniques to make your home look as fantastic as possible. Well worth the price of hiring a professional for a day.

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Spendy ($$$)

Stage Your Space

If your home just isn’t selling, you may need to help your buyer imagine living in this space and that means staging. It may seem like an empty home will be more move-in ready but buyers need to be wooed and shown just how beautiful this home can look. You can hire a staging company to deal with this hassle for you or you can take our tips to stage you own space. Either way, put some life back into your home and watch it come to life in the eyes of your buyers.

Okay sellers, tell us — what was the most valuable thing you did to sell your home?

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