This $10 Shower Curtain Liner Has Over 71,000 5-Star Reviews

updated Aug 20, 2020
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Credit: Liz Calka

In a classic take on the old “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, I never knew how lucky I was to grow up with an actual shower door until I got to college. Shower curtains, I soon realized, are only as good as their liner, which tend to be… annoying. Why do they do that weird thing where they float towards you in the shower, seemingly hell-bent on sticking to your legs? Why do they get so gross so fast? Why do they make already small showers feel even smaller? Why is a good one so hard to find??

Hence, when it comes to shower curtain liners, I place my trust with reviewers. I hate waste, and have thrown away too many liners in the past for a) being not easy to clean, and b) doing the whole float thing while I try to bathe. This doesn’t seem like too much to ask, but apparently it is. All of this is to say that I think I’ve found the most highly-rated shower curtain liner ever. It’s this $10 liner from Amazon, and it has over 71,000 (!!) 5-star reviews.

According to the product description, this liner undergoes a “mildew treatment process” to prolong its lifespan. There’s no detail on what exactly this means, so I hesitate to fully buy into it, but according to reviewers, it does seem to work. Even better, though, is the fact that it’s made with PEVA, a non-toxic alternative to PVC, which contains phthalates and is generally considered unsafe when it comes to household products. TL;DR: You won’t get any off-gassing with this liner.

“I have waited 6 months to write this review and my original liner looks as good as the day I hung it,” says one reviewer. “No mildew or rust. The magnets have weight and stick well to the bath.”

“I shower daily (sometimes more than once), and after several weeks the LIBA is just as clear, clean, and fresh as the day it was hung,” confirms another. “Plus I love that it’s totally clear and lets the bathroom light in. Talk about illuminating!”

One thing I’ve noticed with past shower curtain liners is that the really thin, lightweight ones are lower quality—they’re prone to ripping, and are the biggest offenders of the floating magic trick. But on the other hand, they feel nicer and don’t block out light like the thicker, more opaque options. This one seems to have found a happy middle.

According to another happy reviewer: “This has not disappointed. Thicker and sturdier than most liners; even the magnets are stronger! While it’s not as ‘drapey’ as thinner types, that is a small consideration when compared to its genuinely mold-resistant awesomeness! It has additionally remained impervious to clouding and scale build-up, still crystal clear!”

And if you’re wondering about the billowing, please direct your attention to this review: “There are no harsh vapors when you open the bag and the magnets do an admirable job keeping the shower liner moored to the tub wall instead of allowing it to do that creepy, floating ghost curtain thing…you know…where it tries to stick to you? Anyway, even if you’re unfamiliar…rest assured it doesn’t do that.” Thank you for understanding the struggle, Christopher.