This Simple Trick Makes Your Bathroom Feel Ten Times More Serene

updated May 31, 2021
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Credit: Lula Poggi

I’m going to confess to a habit that may sound a bit odd: I am a borderline-obsessive label remover. Peeling off all of those stubborn stickers may sound persnickety, but it makes a huge difference — especially in the bathroom

When I take the stickers off my cosmetics and personal care products, my medicine cabinet looks so much neater and more elevated. By eliminating the brand names and logos, you eliminate a surprising amount of visual clutter. It’s a tactic that’s especially high-impact on the things that stay out on display, like hand soap, lotion, or the shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

If you’re lucky, the label will come right off, but if not, a little Goo Gone and a razor blade glass scraper will get even the stickiest labels off in a flash. (I don’t soak any bottles that are full of product, but that can also be a great tactic to get labels off of empty containers.) If you prefer an all natural de-gunking solution, blogger Erin Boyle recommends using coconut oil and baking soda to remove labels.

Additionally, if a product comes in glass (or even a nice plastic container), I’ll often rinse it out and save it to use again with a refill product. For example, our hand soap dispenser was a fancy gift soap that came in a glass bottle. I peeled off the label and now refill it from bulk-size soap pouches. Aesop’s signature amber-colored bottles have labels that come off like a dream. 

Of course, I’m not living in a label-less world — not all labels are removable; others are actually quite pretty and some have crucial details. For things like expiration dates, ingredients, or usage, be sure to mark that down somewhere for future reference. But when I can manage it, label-free is my preference. On a deeper level, I feel like I’m bombarded with information and advertisements in every part of my life. Stripping away some of those logos and marketing claims in my medicine cabinet is one tiny way to turn down the volume and reclaim a little bit of simplicity.