Simplehuman’s New Solution Will Make Your Small Kitchen Compost-Friendly

updated Feb 5, 2021
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Simply put: Composting should be in your future. There is more food scrap in landfills and incinerators than any other type of trash, according to the EPA, and you can make a small dent in that figure by simply diverting your citrus peels and scraped plates to a separate bin.

It really is that uncomplicated: Collect your food waste in a separate bin, then get it to a compost collection. That’s the journey I embarked on this week when simplehuman sent me their newest product offering: a compost caddy that’s designed to mount conveniently to the side of a simplehuman trash can.

I’ve been compost-curious for a while, but adding this to my kitchen was the push I needed to finally start the practice. And it’s so much simpler (in my yard-less Atlanta loft) than I ever thought possible.

I turns out you don’t have to host a family of worms or crank and turn a machine in your back yard, if you even have one. (If you’re a veteran composter, I know this sounds obvious and I’m late to the party, but I promise so many people think it can’t be done in a small space.) There are places in your neighborhood that will happily take those scraps for their own compost, and all you have to do is drop your biodegradable bag — the caddy comes with a pack of 30 to get you started — into their collection bins. Or you can have it picked up by a compost service for a fee; there’s probably one in your area. Sometimes by offering up your scraps, those collectors will offer you free compost in return (great if you have a budding vegetable garden!), or you can have your share donated to a community garden instead.

While it’s collecting in your kitchen, it really doesn’t smell at all. Not any more than those same scraps would smell in your trash can.

I know it’s strange to suggest buying something new in pursuit of more sustainable habits, but sometimes that one great tool is what you need to set you up for success. You could collect your compost in a plastic food storage bin (that you already own) just fine. But I liked that this compost caddy didn’t take up space on my counter, but was still totally convenient to my kitchen workflow. By mounting to your simplehuman trash can, it makes the habit almost impossible to ignore. In the first couple days collecting compost, I found myself reflexively walking to the trash can with my coffee filter before spotting the compost caddy and realizing, oh yeah — that doesn’t have to be trash anymore.

I feel good recommending this caddy because I’ve owned the same simplehuman trash can for nearly a decade now. I know this caddy will be a staple in my kitchen for just as long.

Once you mount the included dock to your simplehuman trash can — it’s compatible with the brand’s rectangular or slim liner trash cans — the caddy itself can be magnetically attached and removed, in case you want to move it to the counter while you’re cooking, for example.

The simplehuman compost caddy is available today for $50. It includes a 2-year warranty. The caddy comes with a 30-pack of biodegradable code-Z sized liners that can be thrown into compost collection along with your scraps.