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This Sleek Hamper Holds Twice as Much as My Old Laundry Basket and Is so Much Easier to Carry

published Oct 28, 2021
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Credit: simplehuman

We spend a lot of time doing laundry, so it’s important to have the right essentials to make the process as streamlined as possible. I don’t own a washer or dryer, so investing in laundry care tools that are not only nice to look at but also easy to maneuver is a must. When simplehuman launched the X-Frame Double Hamper back in September, I had a chance to try it out and give my old hampers a run for their money.

The X-Frame Double Hamper comes together with a snap — literally! The frame is made of heavy-gauge steel that’s securely held by strong pivot points on both sides that click into place. As long as they’re closed, the X-frame holds tight, no matter how much it might get dragged around. I can’t do my laundry at my apartment, so I happen to move it around quite a bit. Each side of the steel frame has a set of discreet docks that hold the bags. The laundry bags are stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and surprisingly deep. I didn’t realize how large they were until I began throwing bedsheets into them and noticed they didn’t fill up immediately. I could fit at least three sets of sheets (and then some) into it before one side of it was full. My old laundry basket filled up after one sheet set and a comforter!

Each bag has its own set of handles that are easy to grasp and carry. I would recommend keeping the amount of laundry below the handle so that when you pick it up, you can get a much stronger grip on it. Additionally, it’s a good point of reference to know that the bag will still be light enough to carry with one hand. The single-hand carry of the laundry bags is so convenient for me, especially when I have to take my clothes and linens elsewhere to get washed. I can take the bags off the frame, collapse the frame and rest it on my shoulder, then carry all of it at once down to my car. With my old laundry hamper, I would stuff it full, then have to lug it downstairs with both hands. I’d even often have to run back upstairs for a smaller basket of laundry that wouldn’t fit into the other hamper.

For simplehuman’s first-ever laundry hamper, they knocked it out of the park! I don’t even bring my old hamper out of my apartment anymore because this one is so much more user-friendly. The bags can fold, collapse easily, and though the bottoms are round, they can stand up on their own with enough clothes in them. If I don’t have a lot of laundry to do, I can simply take one of the bags out and leave the other at home on the X-frame. The bags are even made from recycled polyester and are machine-washable.

If you’re fortunate enough to do laundry at home, this piece looks great in the home space as well. It’s really sleek and the neutral colors complement any place it’s in. You can also use the X-frame (without the bags) as a drying rack. The wide base keeps it super sturdy! If a double hamper seems like more than you need, simplehuman also has a single X-frame hamper that gives you all the benefits of the double hamper at half the size. Sorry to my old hamper, you’ve been replaced!