This 200-Square-Foot Apartment Has An Equally Super Tiny Balcony

updated Jun 26, 2019
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(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

You might remember Jessica’s petite apartment, which was featured in a House Tour (and video) a couple of years ago. Off the bedroom, through that French door, is a teeny tiny balcony, which she just got around to sprucing up, and it’s so worth a look.

(Image credit: Jessica Sirls)

This tiny balcony seems like it’s only large enough to hold a bistro table and chairs—or even just one chair perhaps?—but a clever makeover makes room for so much more.

(Image credit: Jessica Sirls)

Absolutely amazing! Since the balcony offered such little room to work with, Jessica had the highly efficient, flexible furnishings custom built to fit the space:

When I first moved into my apartment several years ago, I was excited to make use of the balcony. Because it’s a small area it took some time to figure out how to best utilize the space. I considered purchasing various pieces of furniture but nothing seemed to fit. So I looked to and found a great woodworker (NEXUSBAU) based in Brooklyn. I gave him some sketches, measurements and an idea of what I was looking for.

I was determined to sit three people on the balcony comfortably and came up with the idea of doing a bench, a small stool, and a nesting table. I thought caster wheels would make it easier to move the pieces around and have more flexibility, so I put these on the bottom of every piece. I also kept the the bench and stool open so I had more space to store pillows, shoes, gardening tools. I used white cedar to brighten it up a bit and had the woodworker put a sealant on it to protect the wood from the elements.

Lastly, I had custom cushions made for the bench and stool and picked out some pillows to match, carpeted the floor and hung some flower boxes off the sides. I also love the space at night because I’ve strung some bronze fairy lights that make it a magical place to spend and evening with a glass of wine.

Having pieces custom made is such a dream, and it looks like Jessica chose craftspeople wisely, as the results are fantastic. I just want to reiterate, however, that Jessica designed all of the furniture—well done! I love all of those little cubbies because not only do they offer practical storage without cluttering up the balcony, but also because they’re adorable. My favorite piece is perhaps the rolling side table which can be tucked away or used (I’m guessing) as an ottoman or for additional seating. Altogether, Jessica says this project took only one week and cost $2,000. I am such a huge fan of supporting talented craftspeople whenever possible!

(Image credit: Jessica Sirls)

This is just so lovely. The lush plantings provide a feeling of privacy and wildness, and while there’s enough seating room for two (or possibly three), this looks like the perfect solitary retreat. Jessica confirms that’s true:

I love my outdoor oasis and because there’s a huge tree behind my building, I can sit on my balcony with a cup of tea in the morning and it feels a bit like being in a treehouse. It’s a great space to retreat, enjoy the flowers, the sun and some peace and quiet.

(Image credit: Jessica Sirls)

I included this photo simply to send you off on your day filled with visions of spring perfection!

Thank you, Jessica Sirls!