This $15 Organizer Is My Favorite Stylish Small Bathroom Savior

updated May 5, 2021
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Credit: Minette Hand

You know a product is good when you’ve been using it for more than a decade. I discovered iDesign’s Forma Stainless Steel Suction Toothbrush and Razor Holder Cup 15 years ago when I was confronted with a built-in, vintage ceramic toothbrush holder with holes too small for my contemporary toothbrush. Though these cups are designed with toothbrushes and razors in mind, I quickly discovered how versatile they are. You can use them to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, a razor, hair comb, manicure tools, or any other small bathroom items. 

I like the suction cup design because it lets you keep items exactly where you want them. The wall mount frees up counter space or shower caddy space in the process — and given the Lilliputian scale of New York bathrooms like mine, this is a major plus. 

The simple, brush steel design appeals to my somewhat minimalistic style, but the look of the holders is universal enough to be right at home in most bathrooms (including the vintage tan tile bathroom I first bought them for). All these years later, they certainly still work with the classic white subway tile and gray grout combo I have going on in my current apartment.

Credit: Courtesy of Laura Fenton

The Forma Stainless Steel Suction holders are especially great for anyone living in a rental, where drilling into the tile is a no-go, but I’ve even used them in several apartments I’ve owned because I like having the flexibility to move them around as my needs change. When my husband moved in, for example, I added a second one of these near my sink and later scooted the one that holds my razor way up high out of reach of our curious four-year-old. I also really like that you can mount one inside your medicine cabinet right on the mirrored or metal surface (a place you wouldn’t want to drill into). 

Credit: Courtesy of Laura Fenton

There are a few tiny, but significant details that really make these organizers especially worthwhile that you can’t see in the photos. The cups are designed with small holes in the bottom to let water from your brush or razor drain out, which is a feature that’s strangely missing on many other toothbrush holders I’ve seen. You can also remove the suction cups to give them a thorough cleaning (I run them through my dishwasher when they get gunky). Finally, and most importantly, unlike the suction cup bathroom organizers I remember from college, these puppies actually stay stuck to the wall. The key is to clean your surface beforehand and wait to put anything into the cup until the suction has settled a bit. If you’ve been looking for some additional bathroom storage, I promise, these will be worth the $15 price tag.