6 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket That Doesn’t Fully Cover Your Bed

updated Mar 3, 2021
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Abbe Fenimore Guest Bedroom Makeover

I love getting decorative blankets from places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, but I have found that these trendy throws don’t fully cover a queen or even a full-sized bed. When folded horizontally, the edges of the blanket often fall short in covering the edges of my bed frame, making it awkward to style the foot of the bed area. I don’t know about you, but I want my blankets to cascade over the sides of my bed and fall to the floor, exuding drama and luxury. Is that too much to ask?

I caught up with a few designers to get some ideas on how to fix this minor but annoying decorating problem, and I also brainstormed a few solutions of my own. Until companies start making bigger decorative blankets, I’ll be using one of these methods, and I hope you find them handy, too.

Cheat your blanket down to the edge of your bed

“My favorite way to style throw blankets is to casually throw them across the bottom of the bed instead of trying to force a perfect fit,” says designer Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25, whose throw-styling handiwork is featured at the top of this story. Her best advice? Make it a tad sloppy so it feels natural, and don’t smooth out all the wrinkles or creases for that perfect, lived-in look. “If the blanket has a fun print or pattern like a stripe or dot, it adds a chic touch and fun pop of color,” she adds. “Position the throw closer to the edge of the bed (as shown with the Moroccan wedding blanket above), so it hangs down towards the floor — this will create the look of a larger throw.” 

Credit: Minette Hand

Fold it and then drape it diagonally

If you’re the neat and tidy type, then the idea of casually throwing your blanket across the bed or cheating it down to skimming the floor might give you pause. Instead, opt for a fold before you drape it diagonally across your bed. “Depending on the length, fold the blanket in half or in thirds and then drape it diagonally across the edge of the bed to achieve an asymmetrical look that still feels pulled together,” says designer Tracey Sawyer of Sawyer & Company.

Layer up for a more expansive look

Another smart way to make a smaller throw look bigger? Layer it on top of something larger, says Fenimore. Start with a solid colored or textured neutral bed blanket underneath, and then drape your shorter, more decorative style on top. To find the best pairing, look for a common shade but different textures. If your throw has fringe, ribbon, or decorative detailing, choose a base blanket that complements — rather than competes with — those trimmings.

Splay it out on top

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up older or super plain bedding, why not display your tiny throw fully laid out on top of your bed, as shown here, as through it were a tapestry or a picture? Just center the piece on your bed and let that symmetry usher calm, soothing vibes into your sleep space.

Credit: Sarah Parker

Try a triangle

Rather than folding your blanket into a rectangle, try a triangular shape. “Opt for folding the throw into a crisp triangle to lay over one of the bottom corners of the bed,” says designer Megan Hopp. “It will leave you with an equally-tailored look but will utilize the throw in a manner where the blanket itself is an appropriate scale for its use.” You can also casually throw your blanket across a corner in a triangle shape, too.

Consider your headboard

Who says decorative throws have to live at the foot or corners of your bed? If you love a certain textile or throw, and it’s just not working for you on the bed, consider draping it over your headboard area. This is a great way to refresh a tired wooden or upholstered frame and give your throw a pride of place.