A Small Renovated Paris Flat Features Film Set Finds

published Sep 18, 2018

A Small Renovated Paris Flat Features Film Set Finds

published Sep 18, 2018
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Name: Sébastien and Camille
Location: Paris, France
Size: 592 square feet
Years lived in: 10 years, owned

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It was 10 years ago when Sébastien decided to purchase his first apartment. When he first moved in, the layout was completely different. “It was very traditional, by Parisian standards. All of the rooms were closed off. The kitchen used to be a bedroom. The current shower room used to be a tiny kitchen. It didn’t have an oven and it felt very isolated whenever I would have people over because you had to walk through the corridor to get to it.”

Wanting a change and inspired by an abstract wallpaper he had seen (which now hangs in his bedroom and office space), Sébastien decided to reconfigure and update the entire layout with the help of a family member. “My brother in-law, who has a background in architecture (and whose home is also a featured House Tour), had recently redone his and my sister’s home and I really liked how it turned out so I decided to work with him.”

By tearing down walls and maximizing the available square footage, he was able to create a loft-like space that now feels ample and allows plenty of natural light to flood through. The space consists of one bedroom, one office/guestroom, a separate bathroom and shower room, and an open-concept kitchen/dining/living room.

Sébastien works as a movie producer and thanks to that, much of the furniture pieces are unique finds he has picked up from various film shoots. He has managed to seamlessly blend them with sentimental vintage pieces inherited from his grandmother. He now shares his space with his partner Camille and they are happily expecting their first child.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Parisian loft.

Inspiration: I was inspired by two things. 1. A wallpaper with an abstract design. I ended up using it in the bedroom and office space. 2. When my sister redid her flat, she had walls torn down, which really opened up the space, so I decided to do the same.

Favorite Element: The hardwood floor. And the brown sofa in the living room; it has sentimental value as it belonged to my grandmother.

Biggest Challenge: The hardwood floor has very little noise isolation because all of the previous layers needed to be pulled up. It can be noisy for the neighbor below.

What Friends Say: They like the space because it looks like a loft; it’s more open so it’s different from traditional Parisian flats, which tend to have closed-off rooms and corridors.

Biggest Embarrassment: The noisy floor due to lack of isolation.

Biggest Indulgence: Probably the office space we created.

Best Advice: In Paris, space is limited so be practical about the things you have. Be sure that you are using everything you own and donate or sell the things that are just taking up space.

Dream Sources: Repurposing items that belonged to my grandparents.


Sofa – Inherited from my grandmother
Orange theatre seats – Picked up from a film shoot at a café in Normandy that was going out of business.
Coffee tables – Made by a friend of Sébastien’s
Vintage armchairs –Inherited from his grandmother
Wooden corner table — Inherited from his grandmother
Area rug – Inherited from his grandmother
Baby blue lamp on top of the speaker — Jielde
Blue and red mounted wall lamp — Gifted from his brother

Table – Maisons du Monde
Chairs – The black chairs are from Habitat, the others were inherited from his grandmother.
Red sign — Found in the street
Silver ceiling lamp – Inherited from his grandmother
Large mirror – Gifted. It was a piece that once hung in his father’s apartment above a fireplace

Night tables – Inherited from his grandmother
Red lamp – Picked up from a film shoot at a café in Normandy
Black lamp – A gift from a friend
Two wooden chairs – Inherited from his grandmother
Large mirror – Inherited from his grandmother
Wallpaper — A similar design found here

Table — IKEA
Bed – Custom made

Thanks, Sébastien and Camille!

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