10 Small Sunroom Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

published May 9, 2024
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There’s nothing quite like a sunroom — they’re versatile spaces for taking a catnap, reading a book, having your morning coffee, or enjoying cocktail hour with pals. While a space separated from the rest of the house is ideal, you might also have a sunroom on the smaller side, or even just a little alcove where you get plenty of direct sunlight. Even if your space isn’t very large, there are plenty of beautiful small sunroom ideas that you can use to make it look magical. 

Here are 10 gorgeous sunrooms from Apartment Therapy house tours to give you inspiration for your very own small sunroom. 

Add layered rugs to cozy up your little sunroom.

Different shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures will make the space feel bohemian. String lights add an outside-in look, making it the perfect spot to curl up after dark. 

Credit: Erin Derby

Paint your walls and trim white (or another light color).

Painting your walls and trim white can make your sunny space feel even brighter and larger. Here, a checkerboard rug also grounds the space, while the wall-to-wall sizing mimics the look of a tiled floor.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Define your space with a bold paint color. 

If your small sunroom or sunny alcove is part of a larger room, make it stand out from the rest by using a bold paint color. Keeping the trim a neutral color helps to further accentuate the windows, and throw pillows and blankets in complementary colors can help to keep the space feeling intentional. 

Credit: Amy C.

Add a gallery wall. 

Even if you have the smallest of walls in your sunroom, a maximalist gallery wall can actually make your space feel larger. The disco-ball cowboy hat also reflects the bright light, giving this room a charming, sparkly look. Bonus points to this room for incorporating this narrow window into the gallery wall.

Credit: Mike Hetu

Add plants at varying heights. 

Turning your small sunroom into a makeshift conservatory will make your plants very happy. Add pedestals to prop some of your leafy guys up and place others on the floor, a bench, a stool, a bookshelf, or another surface to make sure every spot has a pop of green. 

Credit: Lula Poggi

Go up instead of out. 

If your small sunroom is narrow and seems hard to utilize, try going up! Make the most of that vertical wall space by adding floating shelves for potted plants, art, books, and other objects. You might not be able to fit a standard-sized sofa in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a soft spot to land — opt for a low loveseat or other cozy, compact seating. 

Add a table and chairs alongside your daybed. 

A small sunroom is a great spot to have a small table and a couple of chairs for a morning cup of Joe or a little WFH. Woven shades are a good solution for a room that gets a lot of sun; they’ll stop super-direct rays if needed, but will still let in some dappled light. 

Credit: Amber Kelly

Make it a dining nook. 

Turn your small sunroom into a cute dining nook! Buy a banquette or bench that fits your room, then paint it the same color as your walls so it looks like a built-in. Plus, you can DIY upholstered cushions quite easily without having to even pick up a sewing machine (check out this tutorial). Adding a modern flush-mount fixture saves space and makes the nook look polished.

Add some super-overstuffed seating. 

A sunroom is meant for lounging and relaxing, which means you can add overstuffed chaises and chairs to your heart’s content. You don’t need a lot of clearance between the wall and furniture — just leave enough to walk.

Add a couple of skylights. 

Adding skylights to your sunroom can ensure that you truly have the sun streaming in from every direction. Hanging plants, woven textures, cactuses, and a reigned-in color palette can help bring in more of that desert-y, chill vibe.