Getting Along While Getting It All Done: 7 Fun Ways to Divide Up Roommate Chores

published Oct 9, 2016
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Chores aren’t fun, and unless you’re lucky enough to get along with all your roommates, having the conversation to divide them up might not be easy, either. Good news: Apps can help, and you can add a little variety into your cleaning routine by trying some fun DIY takes on chore charts, and by turning your chores into a bonding activity.

Get an App to Help you Out

There are plenty of fun DIY ways to divide up your chores, but your phone is already practically attached to your hand anyway, so you may as well put it to use. If chore charts aren’t up your alley, try using an app like HomeSlice. With HomeSlice, you can divide up and keep track of household chores, bills, and groceries and household supplies. You can also chat with your roommates through the app, so all your conversations are in one place.

Leave Your Chores Up to Lady Luck

If you don’t want to choose your own chores to do, you can roll the dice—literally—by putting a gambling spin on your chore chart. Make a chart with a list of all the household chores you and your roommates have to complete, and assign a number to each one. Then, take turns rolling the dice to see who has to do what. If you get repeats, just roll again until all the chores are assigned.

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Spin a Pinwheel to Decide

Another way to let your chores decide for you? Spin a chore wheel. There are tons of chore wheels to choose from, but this tutorial from Inspired Honey Bee is super easy, and involves fastening a paper pinwheel to a chart of different chores. Just spin and clean, and you’re good to go.

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Make a Magnetic Chore Chart

You have options—you can make several framed magnet charts like the ones above from Lemon Squeezy Home, or you can divide up one chart into more columns—whichever makes the most sense for your home. Either way, magnets are easy to move from the “to do” list to the “done” column, and your chore chart can still look stylish in your home. Of course, you’ll actually have to divide up the chores on your own with this method.

Draw Your Chores From a Jar

If spinning wheels and rolling dice just aren’t for you, you can always draw straws…or sticks, in this case. Some popsicle sticks, labels and mason jars are all you need for this chore-choosing method from WhatsUpMoms. Once you’ve created your chore sticks, all you have to do is go around the room and draw sticks and place them in the “done” jar when your chores are completed.

Hold a Weekly Clean-Up Contest

Need help motivating your roommates to actually do their chores? Put a prize on the line and have a regular contest to see who can get their chores done first. If you’re the kind of roommates that share and split groceries already, make it about a weekly dinner—the roommate to complete their chores first that week gets to sit back and relax while the other(s) cook dinner.

Have a Cleaning Dance Party

Sometimes the best way to get into the cleaning groove is to turn on some upbeat music and get moving. If a contest isn’t for you, try planning a set time each week when you and your roommates clean the apartment and do your set chores together, to your favorite music. Bonus points if you make a special playlist to get you into the cleaning groove.

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