The Ingenious $20 Amazon Find That Acts as a Nightlight Without Sacrificing Plug Space

published Jun 2, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

We’ve all been there before: It’s 3 a.m., and you’re making your way through your home for a glass of water, feeling around in the dark to make sure you don’t stumble into anything. Sure, you could turn a light on, but who wants to risk waking anyone up (or that awful eye adjustment that comes with turning the lights on after you’ve been asleep)? The traditional solution? A good ol’ nightlight. However, as beneficial as a nightlight can be there are a couple of downsides, namely sacrificing an outlet. Thankfully, there’s a solution out there that solves this problem: the SnapPower Guidelight Outlet Wall Plate.

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Designed to work as both an outlet cover and nightlight, the SnapPower Wall Plate features a genius design that’s sure to become a household staple for many. Installing in seconds, simply snap the cover onto your existing outlets, tighten the center screw, and you’re set — no wiring or batteries needed, because they get their power from the sides of the outlet). But how does it work? Well, the front of the plate features a light sensor that triggers the nightlight as soon as the room becomes dark and turns it off once it’s daylight. Best of all, this smart plate uses energy-efficient LEDs that last up to 25 years! When’s the last time a nightlight has lasted you that long?

With more than 5,300 five-star reviews, these light-up outlet covers are a bonafide hit, with one customer sharing, “I started purchasing these from SnapPower when they first came out and have never been disappointed in the quality and performance of their products. I have purchased both the nightlight and the USB outlet covers and am very pleased. There are lots of knock-offs flooding the market, but none of them are a match for the original!” Another customer exclaimed, “I needed a soft light above our kitchen counters, and these are amazing. A three-minute install and they look very snazzy. We love them!”

Starting at $20.46, the SnapPower Guidelight Outlet Wall Plate comes in three colors and two styles: duplex and decor. If you’re looking for more plate styles, you’re in luck as SnapPower also offers GFCI covers, light switches, and wall plates with built-in USB chargers for even more functionality. So if you’re tired of stumbling and fumbling in the dark, this unique cover is the answer you’ve been looking for — your stubbed toes will thank you.

Buy: SnapPower Guidelight Outlet Wall Plate, $20.46 (normally $22.48)