I Just Found the Comfiest Duvet Cover That’s Perfect for All Seasons (Yes, Even Summer)

published Jun 16, 2021
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For the last four years, I’ve been on a mission, searching far and wide, looking for an answer to the age-old question: “Is there a perfect duvet cover out there?” My journey has led me into the arms of everything including silky bamboo duvets, soft jersey options, and one unfortunate experience with a fleece duvet that I can only describe as suffocatingly warm and a nightmare in the wash. Each new experience has helped me narrow down what it is that I need in a duvet. For me, the perfect duvet is one that’s cozy without being too warm, easy to attach to my insert, still holds up after a couple of washes, and (most importantly) one I can keep on my bed year-round. With each new test, I felt myself getting closer and closer to finding “the one” and I’m thrilled to say my search is finally over. Let me introduce you to the Sunday Citizen Snug Bamboo Duvet Cover.

The brand describes it as “the world’s softest duvet,” so when they offered to let me test it, I knew I had to give it a go. The aptly named Snug Bamboo Duvet Cover is a dual-sided duvet made with naturally thermoregulating and antimicrobial bamboo on one side and an incredibly soft “snug” microfiber on the other. Available in six colors and two sizes, it also comes with interior corner ties to secure your insert in place (no shifting here!) and a zip-closure for a truly seamless look.

To say I was excited to test this duvet cover would be an understatement (we’ve already established that I am a duvet devotee on a mission). However, being as I had come so close only to be let down so many times in the past, I approached unboxing this duvet with a veil of skepticism. But once I felt the velvety-soft touch of the cozy microfiber and cooling feel of the bamboo underside, it was a wrap. I immediately swapped my current duvet for this one and the first thing that struck me was that this duvet is a looker. After making up my bed, I took a step back and said out loud, “Gosh, this looks like a catalog!” and proceeded to document the moment.

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

Then came the real question — would I get a good night’s sleep with it? If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you’ll know that I am a notoriously hot sleeper. So when I first saw the microfiber top of this duvet, I was initially worried it would be too warm for me. However, the genius of this duvet comes with the bamboo-lined underside. Helping to keep sleepers cool and comfortable, no matter the time of year, I was able to sleep comfortably and wake up sweat-free (a feat for me). I can confidently say I feel comfortable about using this duvet all year round. With this, I had checked off another item on my must-haves list — and was closer to making this one “the” one.

My final test came on laundry day (this was the test I was most nervous about). In the past, this is where my dreams fell apart, but I kept the faith. I followed the directions to a T, selecting a washing option with no spin cycle, spinning it separately, and then tumble drying on low. I trepidatiously took it out of the dryer expecting to find a pilled, shrunken heap of the duvet I had come to love — but this was not the case. The microfiber was perfectly intact and just as soft as when I put it in (maybe even a little softer?). No pilling, no pulls, and no shrinking. I found the ultimate duvet cover and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it, including you, dear reader.

Normally priced at $255, this duvet is definitely an investment piece, but a worthwhile one given its smart, high-quality construction and year-round usability. If this duvet cover is a little out of your budget, not your style, or you would simply prefer a version without the microfiber, they also have a Premium Bamboo Duvet Cover ($165) I think you’ll love, too. But if an all-seasons comforter that’s actually as good as it looks is what you’re after, you won’t be disappointed with this pick. Suffice it to say I’m telling everyone I know about it — and you will, too.