The $16 Cabinet Organizer That (Instantly!) Transformed My Kitchen

published Jul 5, 2024
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

In my house, it seems like I’m always discovering a better method of organizing. Considering that I’m in the process of revamping my childhood home from top to bottom, everything from cleaning to organization is in overdrive. The kitchen is one of the spaces that needed the most work: It was cluttered with items we no longer use, and more than one appliance was beyond due for an upgrade. But because major appliances are expensive, I focused on what I could do on my own right away. Decluttering, it is! We have a lot of cups, mugs, and bottles at home — and it was surprisingly difficult to pick and choose which ones to get rid of, as everyone had an opinion on what we should keep. Despite the disagreements, we managed to make it to the other side and scale everything down. The only problem was that it didn’t make the cabinets look much neater. So I started looking for organizing solutions and found the Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf set. And guess what? I liked it so much that I bought a second one not even a week later!

What Is the Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf?

The Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf is essentially a riser that helps with making the most out of vertical space in your kitchen cupboards. They can be used in the cabinet or on a countertop to add height to your storage options. Available in six colors with wood finishes, the organizer shelves come in two adjustable widths — 11.7 inches and 15.6 inches — so you can pick the best size for the space you’re working with. In the two-piece set, you’re provided with a 5.4-inch shelf and a 6.2-inch shelf. This allows them to stack as well as nest together, depending on your preference. If you order more than one set, you can also pair shelves with matching sizes side-by-side to instantly create an additional shelf.

While the shelves require some basic assembly, they take only minutes to put together, so you can start organizing in no time! Each riser has a weight capacity of 33 pounds, which means they’re capable of holding small appliances as long as said device can fit on the shelf. You can use them as spice racks, for coffee organization, drinkware storage, and so much more. Plus, if you prefer metal shelving, Songmics has a comparable set of cabinet organizers with metallic finishes. However, it’s worth noting that the metal organizers have a lower weight capacity of 22 pounds.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf

When I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets earlier this year, we still had a lot of drinkware — even after I pulled a bunch out for donations. Did everything fit? Sure, but it looked extremely cluttered. It was also difficult to see clearly what was in the cabinet at any given time. I noticed right away that while the cabinet shelves were overflowing, there was a lot of space being wasted above the mugs and cups. I went to Amazon, searched for “cabinet risers,” and found the Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf in seconds. What made me pick this set out over others wasn’t that it was an Amazon’s Choice pick. I was looking for a product that offered space above and below the shelves, didn’t take up a lot of space, and could be customized to my cabinet. This Songmics organizer set checked all those boxes (and looked nice, too!).

When the organizer shelves arrived at my house, they came in a compact package and each shelf and stand were clearly labeled. I sat at the kitchen counter and put them together fairly quickly before beginning the painstaking task of emptying the mug and cup cabinets to reorganize them. However, once the hard part was out of the way and the shelves were arranged, loading in the cupware was no sweat! I was able to make two rows of cups on a single shelf and store some underneath it, which opened up more space at the front of the cabinet so I didn’t worry about anything falling out. Even better, I could see more of the cups in the cabinet so nothing was getting lost. Everyone is now able to find their favorite mugs when they want to use them. The shelves have been a huge improvement for my kitchen cabinet storage, and I recommend them to everyone these days. I only wish I’d discovered them sooner!

Buy: Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf (Set of 2), $15.99 (normally $29.99)