6 Space-Saving Organizational Tools That Apartment Therapy Editors Wouldn’t Want to Live Without

published Oct 26, 2021
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Whether it’s due to a nonexistent pantry or linen closet, a super narrow entryway, or minimal kitchen drawers, most homes present organizational challenges. The solve? Creativity… and some top-notch products. To help inspire the former for you, we asked Apartment Therapy staffers about the latter. Here are the space-saving organizational tools that make our editors’ lives way simpler and more streamlined. 

A Magnetic Refrigerator Organizer

“I have basically no kitchen storage so I’ve had to get creative. This magnetic fridge organizer stores my paper towels, vitamins, kitchen rolls, and storage bags, freeing up the limited drawer space.” — Tara Bellucci, news and culture director

A Hanging Shoe Organizer

“I have a very tiny closet in my apartment, and there’s one organizational tool that I always keep in there: a hanging canvas shoe shelf. I think shoe organizers are the first thing people think of when it comes to closet organization, but classics are classics for a reason! My ~tip~ is that I only store shoes and sandals in the bottom pockets. Up top, I tuck in scarves, belts, umbrellas, and sunglasses cases.”  Madeline Bilis, real estate editor 

A Coat Clothes Rack

“My bedroom doesn’t have room for a clothes chair — something I believe to be a pivotal part of every home’s laundry workflow — so I installed a wall-mount coat rack at chair-height next to the bed. I hang my worn-but-not-quite-dirty clothes here for another wear. Mine is an old coat rack from West Elm.” Taryn Williford, lifestyle director

A Multifunctional Hanger

“I have had this IKEA hanger since college, when I’m pretty sure I paid less than $5 for it. It’s clutch for organizing scarves and belts, and you can fold it down super small when it’s empty, so it’s easy to move from one apartment to another.” — Megan Baker, projects vertical editor

An Under-Cabinet Drawer Set 

“My bathroom doesn’t have a medicine cabinet, and the cabinet under my sink is just open space. I purchased Elfa cabinet drawers on sale at The Container Store, and they manage to squeeze in next to the plumbing. I truly don’t know how I’d store my toiletries otherwise.” — Alison Goldman, special projects director

Do-Everything Storage Cubes

These storage cubes from Target! I put them in my closet, in my dresser, on the floor — they squeeze into all my corners, are cute, and affordable!” — Nicoletta Richardson, entertainment editor