This TikTok-Famous Shower Curtain Made My Bathroom Feel Bigger, Thanks To Its Unique Design

published Sep 5, 2023
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In my dream house, I have an abundance of home comforts. There’s an expansive pantry where I never have to play Tetris to fit storage containers and boxes of food. My living room offers a variety of entertainment options and my furniture has more days free of dog hair than not. My bedroom would practically be the size of my first apartment, including a walk-in closet to rival the most luxurious dressing room. However, in reality, I’ve managed to find ways to make my small apartment not feel so tiny by getting smarter with storage, decor, and other essentials. My bathroom was the latest to receive a mini makeover. I found out about the SPACE Expanding Shower System after it went viral on TikTok, and knew right away I needed to try it out for myself. I knew it would add some breathing room to my shower, but didn’t expect it to make it feel nearly twice as large.

What Is the SPACE Expanding Shower System?

The origami-inspired SPACE Expanding Shower System is a dual-purpose shower curtain liner that increases the width of your shower stall with built-in folding vinyl. Arriving fully assembled, it’s available in two lengths — 74″ and 80″ — and takes just seconds to place on your shower curtain rod. The fabric liner is detachable, machine-washable, and can be used on its own or paired with your favorite shower curtain with clips that are included in the box. While the liner doesn’t have magnets or weights to keep it down, it is equipped with suction cups on the ends of the folding window along with splash guards to effectively keep water contained in the shower.

To incorporate SPACE into your shower, you’ll need at least four inches of clearance at the top of the shower and a tub ledge that’s at least six inches high. It works with shower rods that are between 4-5 feet long and fits all standard showers.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the SPACE Expanding Shower System

To anyone, my bathroom would be considered fairly tiny. Still, I never considered trying to increase the amount of space in it. I especially didn’t want to do anything with my shower curtain that was already hanging up. It’s always a pain to take down for cleaning or replacing, so the less I have to do it, the better. When I unboxed the SPACE Expanding Shower System and realized that all I had to do was hang it on my shower rod, it was a relief. There was no adding hooks or twisting them around to face the right direction, I simply unpacked it and hung it up in seconds. Even the suction cups on each end to secure it to the wall were already in place if I needed them. (I usually don’t, but stick them to the wall anyway.)

The folding vinyl panels that create the extra space really do make a huge difference. My shower isn’t so small that I thought I needed more room in it, but since putting up this shower system, I’ve been spoiled. It’s far enough out that even when I rinsed the dye out of my hair, none got on the white liner because I had enough space to move freely. The SPACE Shower System comes with clip hooks that you can use to hang your own shower curtain over the liner. I added my colorful curtain over, because I prefer how that looks. That took me longer to do than actually installing the liner itself, partly because of how short I am, but also because it was a challenge figuring out the best spacing since the hooks don’t align with traditional shower curtain holes.

In the end, I love how the SPACE Expanding Shower System looks in my bathroom. It created more space that’s hidden in plain sight. Even though my shower curtain now sticks out a little farther, you can’t even tell. It’s not so far pushed out that it’s overtaking the toilet — which would be gross. It’s such a clever design that I only wished I’d hopped on the trend sooner!

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