The $28 Amazon Find That Instantly Decluttered My Kitchen Drawers

published Jun 14, 2024
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Is it just me or does it sometimes seem like kitchen drawers need to be tamed? Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing so much work on my house, but reorganization has been the biggest beast I’ve been dealing with lately. When did I get so much stuff? Considering there’s no time better than the present to clean up the clutter, I’ve done my fair share of shopping for products that make my space neater and more efficient. One commonly overlooked spot before now has been my kitchen drawer. It’s funny how organized chaos works: I know the drawer looks like a total mess, but I also know where everything is. That said, it’s less of a pain to grab items and go when I don’t have to shuffle around other kitchen tools in the process. Want to know what’s helped to streamline my drawer setup over the past few months? I won’t keep you waiting — it’s the SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers.

What Are the SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers?

For unruly drawers anywhere in your home, SpaceAid’s Bamboo Dividers are a stylish solution to get them under control. The highly customizable set comes with four spring-loaded dividers and nine mini-divider inserts to form smaller compartments where necessary. It also includes 30 label stickers for those looking to ensure everything in the drawer can be found with ease. These come in handy when organizing small, easily cluttered items like utensils, tools, tea bags, cosmetic accessories, and coffee ingredients. You can also use the dividers to get a messy junk drawer in check. Made from 100% bamboo, each divider has non-slip rubber pads on the ends that keep them in place and prevent accidental scratches to your drawers. They expand from 17″ to 22” and are available in four colors: natural, gray, black, and white. Best of all, one set of dividers can organize more than one drawer, saving you money in the end. 

Why I Love the SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers

As someone who’s only used plastic drawer dividers up to now, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers. At 0.6” thick, they feel sturdy and durable, so I was confident that they’d hold up once I started loading up the drawer with items. Because our kitchen drawers are on the smaller side, I was able to use one box of dividers to organize three drawers in total, and I can say for certain that it made a big difference. I have more than a few kitchen gadgets that I love, but even I can admit that they’ve overrun my drawers in the past. By adding these dividers, I was able to properly sort them out, decide what I wanted to keep or get rid of, and make everything a lot easier to access. 

If my kitchen drawers were larger, I could see myself getting a lot more use out of the mini dividers to make smaller sections. However, in places where I was able to use them, they were an instant upgrade in organization and style, as I could separate sets of small items, such as my Kuhn Rikon peelers and can colanders. They’re also useful to have on hand when I’m rearranging the drawers because I can adjust them as needed, depending on what needs to be put away. Because I’m still in the process of reworking our kitchen setup, I already know I’ll need them down the road.

Overall, SpaceAid has been a huge help in my home organization. Not only do I have the drawer dividers, but I also use the Ziploc bag dispenser and collapsible bed sheet organizers. If you’re looking for stylish and affordable organization solutions for your kitchen (or anywhere else in your home), make SpaceAid your first stop. They’ve got everything from a K-cup drawer insert to a tumbler lid cabinet organizer for your Stanley cups for under $20. Trust me — you won’t regret it!

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