This $19 Organizer Is a Small-Space Miracle Worker in My NYC Kitchen

published Aug 26, 2023
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When shopping for a new apartment, everyone has their own niche feature they check each place for: a shower window, mirrored closet doors, or south-facing windows. I have my own checklist I run through when touring a potential home, but I’m always surprised by the things I forgot to notice. When I first saw my new apartment, for instance, I was wooed by the soaring ceilings and Toto toilet, but neglected to note the beautiful crystal door knobs. And there’s one other thing I didn’t realize until I was in the middle of unpacking — there’s only one drawer in the whole kitchen.

Credit: Sofia Rivera

Not only that, but it’s a notably narrow drawer — only about 8 inches wide. To me, it’s a small price to pay for everything I love about this apartment, but I knew I’d have to find a creative solution. And find it I did, right on Amazon for just shy of $20. The second I saw this SpaceAid Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer, I added it to my cart. At exactly 8 inches wide, 2.4 inches high, and 15.6 inches long, the proportions are absurdly perfect for my single, unconventional drawer. 

Unlike the bulkier plastic silverware organizer I used in my last few apartments, which was purely utilitarian, this one is so nice to look at. The bamboo is sturdy and stylish, and because it’s wooden and slots so snuggly into my drawer, it almost looks like it’s built in. I also appreciate the staggered style of this organizer. Rather than giving each utensil its own section side-by-side, these compartments are layered, so my little spoons are stacked above my big spoons. It even comes with stickers that you can use to label the compartments, so you never have to reach for a dessert spoon when you’re really looking for a salad fork.

Credit: Sofia Rivera

They’re all still separated and easily accessible, but the layered look is elegant in a way I never thought possible for a silverware drawer. Plus, the arrangement is an incredible space-saver. I can still fit my whole silverware set (and there’s a little extra room at the back of the drawer to tuck measuring cups and other odds and ends), even with half the drawer space I’m used to. Even if I one day move into a different apartment with a drawer of normal proportions, I’ll use this space-saving miracle worker to double the drawer’s capacity. Now, every time I reach for a fork or spoon, I’m struck by how much joy a utensil drawer can spark.