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If You Only Finish One Spring Cleaning Chore, This Should Be It

published Mar 17, 2021
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Apartment Therapy’s Spring Cleaning Cure is a free 20-day cleaning plan that helps you tackle the most common spring cleaning tasks to give your home its deepest clean yet. Sign up now to get all 20 lessons in your inbox.

Spring cleaning is your chance to give back to the helpers in your household; the areas and things that humbly support you throughout the year — while getting absolutely filthy right under your nose.

And in that vein, no chore is more quintessentially spring cleaning than cleaning your kitchen appliances. This is your moment to dig in deep and make your oven, fridge, blender, or microwave look good as new.

For the sake of this 20-day plan, I’m going to suggest you pick one appliance to deep clean today. It can be the filthiest one, or the one you use the most, or just the one you have time to do today.

Let’s get started…

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Day 3: Deep clean one large or small appliance.

How you tackle this mission depends on the appliance you choose, of course. Here are some common targets you might select. Naturally, the larger appliances will take more time, and the smaller appliances, less.

Large appliances:

Small appliances:

If you finish your one appliance and want to tackle a second — go for it! Or pencil it down for a day later in the season. Or, you know, just stop here and recognize when “good” means good enough.

Taryn's Tips

Vinegar is a staple for cleaning appliances. You can zap a bowl of it to loosen splatters in the microwave, run a dishwasher cycle with a measuring cup full to refresh the dishwasher, or run it through your coffee maker instead of water for descaling.

More ways to participate in the Spring Cleaning Cure:

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