Spring Cleaning

One Spot in Every Bedroom That Doesn’t Get Cleaned Enough

published Apr 2, 2021
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No matter how little space you have at home, there is one storage area that nearly everyone can count on: The space under the bed.

It’s a place to stash out-of-season clothes, luggage, and extra shoes. But the space under your bed also, inconveniently, houses plenty of dust bunnies too. Don’t wait until your next vacation to clear them out. (Let’s face it — it could be a while.)

Let’s do it today…

Day 19: Clean under the bed.

Grab a vacuum and a long-handled broom or duster. Maybe some knee pads or a cushion, too — you’ll need to get low today if you’re able.

Pull out everything you store under the bed, then do your best to clean the empty area. I like to first use a long-handled tool to brush and lift away the bigger dust bunnies, then extend the arm of my vacuum to reach as much of the rug as I can. If you have a vacuum attachment with an articulate or bent head, that will be a big help here. Just try and clean the space and the floor under your bed as best you can today.

When it’s as clean as it can get, you can start to put your things back in storage, but look them over first: They might have picked up dust bunnies too. Give each one a vacuum or a wipe-down before sliding it back under the bed.

Taryn's Tips

If you need some creative ways to get dust bunnies out from tight spaces, try blowing them out with a hair dryer or leaf blower, wrapping some wrong-way-out tape around a broom handle to pick them up, or sending a robot vacuum on a spot-clean mission.

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